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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Estrela Marketing / Adam Taub
Country: United States
State: Florida
Estrela Marketing / Adam Taub
Aggressive opt-out bulk email marketer who claims to be "double opt-in" to customers.

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Estrela Marketing / Adam Taub ROKSO Records
  Main info
  corporate info / Target Email Direct
  Spamming from hijacked Internet America netblock?
  Estrela responds to an ex-customer
  Some libelous untruths from Taub to client
  Hijacked-proxy/botnet spamming: Sticky Web (SIKY)
  Sticky Web (SIKY) stock fraud spamming
  Sticky Web Inc. company info
  February 2011:
  February 2011: IP Ranges
  Taub /
  Sticky Web Inc, buys Estrela Marketing
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