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BadCow / mAiLIEN
Country: Russian Federation
BadCow / mAiLIEN
*** Leo Kuvayev now in prison ***

Founded by Russian/American criminal Leo Kuvayev. Now all in Russia. Spamming "OEM CD" pirated software scams, fake pharmaceuticals, porn spam, porn payment collection, etc. Spam using virus-created botnets and seems to be involved in virus distribution. Partnered with Vladislav Khokholkov - aka "Mr. Green".

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BadCow / mAiLIEN ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  MEDIA: Spam King Leo Kuvayev Jailed on Child Sex Charges
  Partner-In-Spam: Vladislav "Vlad" Khokholkov
  Partner-In-Spam: Silmara Barreiros Ferraz /
  Another partner or aka: Marshal Mariy /
  domain July 2005 (child porn)
  Domains [2005/2006] ("OEM" pirate warez)
  Domains [2007]
  domains August 2005 (
  domains: January 2007
  Domains [Jun-2007]
  domains June 2005
  domains October 2005 Yesnic (REGISTRAR-HOLD)
  domains September 2005 Yesnic (REGISTRAR-HOLD)
  domains September 2005 Yesnic (REGISTRAR-HOLD)
  Domains (some of the main ones used for DNS, etc.)
  fast fluxers 2007-06-30
  I knew Leo, he had an apartment and an office in Montreal...
  I used to work for Leo...
  Large Casinomeister's Forum post on this gang
  LEGAL: AG Reilly files lawsuit
  LEGAL: Massachusetts AG files against Kuvayev
  LEGAL: Massachusetts judge orders Kuvayev to shut down and pay
  LEGAL: Officer's Pension Fund of Russia is suspected of pedophilia
  Leo Kuvayev / BadCow
  MEDIA: Attorney general sues major spammers
  MEDIA: "Internet Spam Gang" Gets $37m Fine
  MEDIA: Massachusetts AG sues Kuvayev
  MEDIA: Massachusetts fires legal broadside at spam gang
  MEDIA: Meet The Hackers
  MEDIA: Microsoft and Mass. gang up on spam ring
  MEDIA: Microsoft, Massachusetts Shut Down Spam Ring
  MEDIA: Microsoft Sues Russian-Based Spam Network
  MEDIA: Russian Spammers Caught In Boston Nyet
  MEDIA: Spam gang slammed
  Miguel Flores / 2K Services Inc sock postings of 2002
  more Leo Kuvayev / BadCow
  Posting: "know that CYBERTHRILL.COM IS A SCAM"
  Rogue Casinos - Elka System Casinos/Oyster Gaming
  SBL44935 - info
  Using trojaned computers to host testimonial by Kuyayev
  Vlad - aka "John" from Montreal
  Vlad's 2003 Gambling Portal Webmaster postings
  Vlad "Sending mass mail"
  Yesnic and Joker registration overlap
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