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Yambo Financials
Country: Ukraine
Yambo Financials
Huge spamhaus tied into distribution and billing for child, animal, and incest-porn, pirated software, and pharmaceuticals. Run their own merchant services (credit-card "collection" sites) set up as a fake "bank."

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  Main Info
  More Info - older - Main Info
  LEGAL: Sued by EarthLink [Feb 2005]
  MEDIA: "Oh, that must be Anton."
  Anton Denysenko / Sergey Denisenko ;
  Multitude of "billing" domains
  SpellNetwork ; ; DSCnet ;
  Spammer in Belarus @
  Yegor G. Bugaenko -
  Yegor G. Bugaenko -
  Related: DEZEX.COM ; Gas, Jury ; ;
  Yegor G. Bugaenko - addresses ; ; ; ; ; etc.
  Related domains
  Child Porn spamming:
  World Money Laundering Report articles on Yambo
  Eva Payments Limited: ; ;
  Yambo morphs to / domains
  Corporate business registration records. (run by "pimpbeez") - lots of connections to other tentacles
  Ties to Foonet
  (Y)egor admits tie to foonet / Matex Consulting (Yegor),,
  Browser hijacking trojan: CoolWebSearch (CWS)
  Technopark Corporation (Yegor Bugaenko)
  off-shore tax havens
  Yambo Financials dissappear with millions
  Dear Valued Customers of Yambo!
  Pills-Cash Affiliate Network /
  Yambo is hiring!
  Dnepropetrovsk Linux User Group
  Christina Reese - WC MANAGEMENT GROUP
  Yambo Financials press release April 2005
  MyCanadianPharmacy Corp.
  BBB warns of MyCanadianPharmacy fraud
  BBB of Canada warns about My Canadian Pharmacy
  Spam domains [2012]
  Partner or a/k/a: ; ;
  DNS servers & domains [2006/2007]
  DNS servers & domains [2007] ;
  pharma domains ( etc) ; ; ; ;
  Partner in spam: ;
  Maildrops & contact info
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