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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
Spammer and hijacked proxy seller from Amherst Massachusetts, who pretends to be Chinese and hosts 'bullet-proof' servers on hijacked Chinese PCs.

MailTrain SBL Listings History
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MailTrain ROKSO Records
  Main Info, c. Oct 2004
  domains - 2006-09-15
  domains: 2006-12
  Domains and hosted spammers [July 2006]
  Domains: April 2006 - XZDNS.BIZ
  domains hosted by NS2.WINDNS.BIZ Jul 2006
  HOSTQHR.BIZ - May 2006
  MailTrain - /
  MailTrain - / [p2]
  more domain morphs
  more domains (PIS: Glen Hannifin)
  PARTNER-IN-SPAM: Mike Van Essen /
  Reseller TOS
  sample spam
  SEO /
  still more morphs
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