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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Vincent Chan gang
Country: Hong Kong
Vincent Chan gang
Vincent Chan and his Chinese partners have been sending spam for years. They mainly do pharmacy, and are able to send out huge amounts daily. They use vast numbers of compromised computers -- for sending, hosting and proxy hijacking. Now seem to be an "oursourced" server obtainer for other spam gangs.

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Vincent Chan gang ROKSO Records
  Reported server hack script
  Main info
  Older info on bullet proof hosting
  Domains 2004 - Q4
  Domains 2005 - Q1
  Domains 2005 - Q2
  Domains 2005 - Q3
  Domains 2005 - Q4
  Domains 2006 - Q1
  Domains 2006 - Q2 / / he wenjie
  Massive Geocities abuse
  Domains - sample whois
  PIS: axlrose77777 / Alvin34567890 /
  Involvement in Mocbot
  Kuvayev and Chan sharing hosting
  Domains 2007 - Q4
  Image domains and redirections
  new Canadian Pharmacy
  Partner in spam: / jiandong shi / andy shi
  Domains [2007]
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