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Pavka / Artofit
Country: Russian Federation
Pavka / Artofit
A Russian gang who have been spamming for years. Started with porn, now into many types of spam, always via hijacked PCs. Part of a large criminal group involving ROKSO spammers Leo Kuvayev & Alex Blood. Also see "Yambo Financials" ROKSO.

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Pavka / Artofit ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  affiliates / sockpuppets / / oxbill /
  child porn payment processors
  Domains [2005/2006]
  domains chain from
  Fake banks? GAPHOST.COM / Pricewert LLC
  Igor Bitorin - ; ;;...
  more child porn spam
  netblocks, domain, and DNS,
  Polivektor - Nikolai Fedorov NAME14.COM ; HOST2010.COM
  Regpay / Trustbill - busted!
  Webxhosting inc.
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