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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Bill Waggoner
Country: United States
State: Nevada
Bill Waggoner

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Bill Waggoner ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  NANAE: "Spammer sends me his console logs"
  aka: Electric Globe Web Hosting/Media Dream Land /Yolio - AS 27219 ; AS33032
  Partner-In-Spam: Eric Smith / Eric Stevens (Yolio, Inc.)
  2002/2003 spammed domains
  aka: ; ; ;
  aka: E-Dreams Media / Yolio
  aka: Start Logic /
  AKA William Thomas - Market Strong Media
  AKA: Zoomhost /
  anonymized whois
  Autumn 2003 spammed domains / AS33184
  Corporate Information
  Corporate Information : AAW MARKETING, LLC
  Corporate Information : BIG TIME FIBER, INC.
  Corporate Information : BLUE ZAPP, INC. / URON TECHNOLOGY, INC.
  Corporate Information : NET PRESENCE, INC.
  Corporate Information - Part 2
  Corporate Information : YOLIO, INC.
  Danet, Inc. ; ; - "Eric Smith"
  domains from SBL34426
  domains, June 2005
  domains, March 2005
  Felony under CAN-SPAM
  Images of the spammer
  INTERNETBODYGUARD.ORG - his or a partners
  Jul/Aug 2004 spammed domains
  Louis Pena / Oscar Pena / Danet
  MEDIA: Confessions of a Spam King
  Media Dreamland
  MEDIA: Market masters of hard-sell domains
  MEDIA: Sued for Spamming by ZooBuh
  MEDIA: With vigilantes on their heels, top spammers keep the e-mail flowing
  Online chat about his business ethics (2011)
  Over 1000 spamming domains (Jul/Aug 2004)
  Over 850 spamming domains (Feb/Mar 2005)
  Partner-In-Spam: David H. Shugarman
  Partner-In-Spam: Desmond Finger
  ''Pay for Bulk Email and Get Ripped Off'' - enough said
  Phone: 702-577-3801
  PIS: Rao Tella / /
  Posting to Usenet & Misc. (CC site)
  Sep 2004 spammed domains
  some of Waggoner's netblocks
  spamming Skype, scripting Yahoo mail account forms
  spam sample, January 2004
  spam sample Nov 2003
  Spam samples from '98 & '99
  Spam Samples - July 2002
  Spam samples spammed through open proxies
  Startlogicnet - working with Westmoreland?
  "You-CAN-SPAM" address (PIS: Kevin Devincenzi)
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