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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Market Strong Media /
Country: United States of America
State: Nevada
Market Strong Media /
Long-time spam operation who have worked their way through most of the "fashions" in spam. Most recently involved in snowshoe spam through affiliate marketing programs. The company is owned or managed by a Bill Waggoner.

Market Strong Media / SBL Listings History
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Market Strong Media / ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  NANAE: "Spammer sends me his console logs"
  aka: Electric Globe Web Hosting/Media Dream Land /Yolio - AS 27219 ; AS33032
  Partner-In-Spam: Eric Smith / Eric Stevens (Yolio, Inc.)
  2002/2003 spammed domains
  aka: ; ; ;
  aka: E-Dreams Media / Yolio
  aka: Start Logic /
  AKA William Thomas - Market Strong Media
  AKA: Zoomhost /
  anonymized whois
  Autumn 2003 spammed domains / AS33184
  Corporate Information
  Corporate Information : AAW MARKETING, LLC
  Corporate Information : BIG TIME FIBER, INC.
  Corporate Information : BLUE ZAPP, INC. / URON TECHNOLOGY, INC.
  Corporate Information : NET PRESENCE, INC.
  Corporate Information - Part 2
  Corporate Information : YOLIO, INC.
  Danet, Inc. ; ; - "Eric Smith"
  domains from SBL34426
  domains, June 2005
  domains, March 2005
  Felony under CAN-SPAM
  Images of the spammer
  INTERNETBODYGUARD.ORG - his or a partners
  Jul/Aug 2004 spammed domains
  Louis Pena / Oscar Pena / Danet
  MEDIA: Confessions of a Spam King
  Media Dreamland
  MEDIA: Market masters of hard-sell domains
  MEDIA: Sued for Spamming by ZooBuh
  MEDIA: With vigilantes on their heels, top spammers keep the e-mail flowing
  Online chat about his business ethics (2011)
  Over 1000 spamming domains (Jul/Aug 2004)
  Over 850 spamming domains (Feb/Mar 2005)
  Partner-In-Spam: David H. Shugarman
  Partner-In-Spam: Desmond Finger
  ''Pay for Bulk Email and Get Ripped Off'' - enough said
  Phone: 702-577-3801
  PIS: Rao Tella / /
  Posting to Usenet & Misc. (CC site)
  Sep 2004 spammed domains
  some of Waggoner's netblocks
  spamming Skype, scripting Yahoo mail account forms
  spam sample, January 2004
  spam sample Nov 2003
  Spam samples from '98 & '99
  Spam Samples - July 2002
  Spam samples spammed through open proxies
  Startlogicnet - working with Westmoreland?
  "You-CAN-SPAM" address (PIS: Kevin Devincenzi)
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