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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Country: Pakistan
Pakistan-based bulk email marketing company that spams opt-out lists of email addresses through purpose-created Google Groups. Businesses that use SyedsMarketing services are generally based in Pakistan, although some have been baeed in Middle Eastern countries as well.

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SyedsMarketing ROKSO Records
  Main Information
  9/2021: SyedsMarketing Google Groups spam lists
  9/2021: SyedsMarketing Google GMail senders
  9/2021: SyedsMarketing and customer dropbox email addresses
  9/2021: Recent SyedsMarketing spam examples
  10/2021: E-Zone / E-Marketing Zone
  10/2021: Faatimah Emarketing
  10/2021: Group UAE
  10/2021: Junction Advertisement
  10/2021: Media Plus eMarketing
  10/2021: Revolution Marketing
  10/2021: Spectrum Marketing
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