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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Country: Estonia
Estonian B2B spammer for hire that spams mostly people in the Baltics and surrounding countries. The main company domain is "". This spam entity is currently doing business as "Alfa Company Services OÜ", but the company name changes every few months. This operation is owned or managed by an individual who has in the past used the alias "Mihail Fortis" in domain registration records. Obtains service on VPS and cloud hosting providers using a large number of borrowed or forged identities. SBL Listings History
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  Main Information
  Spam Evidence
  April 2016: Alexander Primakov /
  January 2016: Domains
  July 2016: Domains:,, and DNS Trickery
  July 2016: Domains:, and DNS Trickery
  November 2015: Domains (Historical)
  November 2020 current company: Alfa Company Services OÜ
  Partners/Spam Services Customers
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