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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Matias F. Bernardi / TuVPS
Country: Argentina
State: Cordoba
Matias F. Bernardi / TuVPS
Spams through throwaway accounts at ISPs that provide cheap VPS hosting services. Advertises many types of dubious merchandise -- bulk email lists, organ enlargement products, pornography, fake pharmaceuticals, and e-books on making money fast among them -- that is more commonly spammed through botnets.

Matias F. Bernardi / TuVPS SBL Listings History
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Matias F. Bernardi / TuVPS ROKSO Records
  Main Information
  Spam Evidence
  August 2015: Live Domains
  August 2015: IP Allocations and Unallocated Ranges
  Alias/PIS: Sebastian Nieto / EnviosSending (August 2015)
  Alias/PIS: Dario Rodrigues / GoupMD
  PIS: Acuna Ana Hernandez / Bongostudio S.L.U.
  Alias/PIS: Jorge Suara Martinez / and
  Historical Alias/PIS: Nicolau Hernan Federico
  Historical Domains (no longer active)
  Historical IP Allocations (no longer active)
  Historical PIS: Leonardo Ponti / InterMailing (Summer 2013)
  January 2016: Likely Fake Credentials ("Eduardo Hofmann")
  Selling Lists
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