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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Country: United States
State: AZ
Spammer that spams to sell its own lists and direct spam services from VPS servers at various inexpensive providers. Formerly extremely high volume spammer that switched to snowshoe spamming after Verizon Wireless and other carriers put an end to unlimited bandwidth plans. Formerly made extensive use of fses free anonymous domains, but has switched to paid-for domains because of widespread blocking of free domains. Hosts behind Cloudflare, and makes use of other free services where possible to hide its identity Has used many business and personal names in spams.

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EmailBlastUSA ROKSO Records
  Main Information
  July 2016: WARNING To Cloud-based ISPs and Hosting Providers
  July 2016: WARNING to Small Businesses
  April 2016: WARNING To Affiliate Programs
  Spam Evidence
  November 2016: Send Direct (
  March 2016: Cloudmail, Inc.
  Before March 2015: Historical Domains, Currently Lapsed
  March 2015: Historical Domains
  May 2015: Historical Domains
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