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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Big Sky Services / Corespace
Country: United States of America
State: NV
Big Sky Services / Corespace
A large operation to acquire IP addresses for spammers. Dozens of "hosting" companies that are merely shell corporations registered to PO Boxes, pumping out large volumes of spam. Names associated: Mark Wulff / Liana Dunlap

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Big Sky Services / Corespace ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  ASNs controlled by the Big Sky Services spam hosting gang
  7505 John W. Carpenter Fwy / 4848 Lemmon Ave
  ACECOLOCATION.COM / Ace Colocation / Liana Dunlap
  AS11931 - Zenith Networking
  AS13537 - Mega Colocation, Inc.
  AS13798 - Brightfinity, LLC
  AS14986 - Ultra Hosting
  AS18586 - Divine Hosting Services
  AS200494 - Devendra Gaikwad trading as Tutis Web Services
  AS203999 - Geekyworks IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
  AS204472 - Amol Kotkar trading as A K Digital Media
  AS263740 - Corporacion Laceibanetsociety
  AS3502 - Intelligence Network Online, Inc.
  AS46867 - Crystal Connections Corporation
  AS46931 - Cougar Communications
  AS52449 - My Tech BZ
  AS53342 - All Nine Hosting, Inc.
  AS7158 - NetEx Online Services
  BIGSKYSERVICES.COM / Big Sky Services, Inc.
  Cyclone Networking
  David Shugarman / AOKI, LLC
  Empire Web Hosting
  GETNETINC.NET / GetNet, Inc.
  LEGAL: Infolink Panama Corporation v. CoreSpace, Inc.
  Linkzone, Inc.
  Long Networking (LN-1) / Malibu Hosting
  Mark Wulff - COO of Big Sky Services
  NANAE sighting - Mark Wulff / Veritex
  Paramount Technology / Point Communications / Powell Hosting
  SOCALITS.COM / Internet Technical Services LLC
  STRATA1LINK.COM / Strata1 Link Corporation
  THUNDERIT.NET / Thunder IT Services, Inc
  Vertical Solutions
  Victory Hosting / Voyage Technologies, Inc
45 records found for Big Sky Services / Corespace
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