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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Michael Boehm and Associates
Country: United States
State: NJ
Michael Boehm and Associates
Snowshoe spam organization that uses large numbers of inexpensive, automated VPS hosting IPs and domains in whatever TLD is currently cheapest to send high volumes of spam to extremely dirty, scraped lists. Operates under many business and individual names.

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Michael Boehm and Associates ROKSO Records
  Main Information
  Principal: Michael W. ("Mike") Boehm
  Principal: Soheil S. ("Sam") Najjaran
  Principal: Alexander L. ("Alex") Prompongsatorm
  Blaze Media Solutions / Blazen Web Hosting
  Known Business Names and DBAs (Sep 2015)
  Known Persons and Aliases (Feb 2015)
  February 2015: Spam Domains
  April 2014: Domains & IPs
  Edison Ventures / CBN Hosting
  June 2014: Spam Domains
  Known Persons and Aliases (Sep 2014)
  October 2014: Spam Domains
  Partner in spam - Dalin Hays / Inflash Media Corporation
  Partners in spam: Sam Renno / Paula Renno / Jason Farber / Jason Firnbach
  September 2014: Spam Domains
  Spammer aliases and/or stooges (2016)
  Spamming [Oct 2015]
  XMission v. Boehm, XMission v. OTI Productions
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