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Michael Persaud
Country: United States
State: California
Michael Persaud
Long time snowshoe type spammer, raided by FBI then indicted in 2017 on federal wire fraud charges tied to his spamming operations.

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Michael Persaud ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  LEGAL: Federal Criminal Indictment (2016)
  LEGAL: FBI Targeting One of World's 'Worst' Email Spammers
  LEGAL: America Online Alleges Fraud in Suit Against Spammer (1998)
  LEGAL: California throws the book at spam (2001)
  Spam domains [2013 - 2014]
  Partner in Spam: Tomescu Silviu
  Spam domains [2012 - 2013]
  Chat transcript naming Persaud as user
  Domains [2015]
  LEGAL: AOL Claims Spam Hurts Business (1998)
  LEGAL: AOL sues 21-year-old
  LEGAL: AOL v. Persaud Order (1999)
  LEGAL: AOL Wins Three Spam Suits, Files Nine More (1998)
  LEGAL: Facing felon charges (2001)
  LEGAL: San Diego's high-tech team raid (2001)
  LEGAL: William Silverstein v. Bio Trust Nutrition LLC et al (2013)
  MEDIA: Still Spamming After All These Years
  Profile: BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums > Members List
  Profile: linkedin
  Profile: The San Diego Sportbike Meetup Group
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