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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution
Country: Czech Republic
State: Central Bohemia
Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution
Dirty IP address broker acquiring IP addresses supposedly for "VPN services" or "wireless networks" then leasing them to spammers. Company seems to be owned or managed by a Sanan Sasha Phutrakul.

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Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution ROKSO Records
  Main info
  Fake company names used to sign up for spam hosting
  Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution / corporate info
  Looking for IP space to use for spamming
  Rogue ASN AS197286 - JDMNET David Jarolimek
  Rogue ASN AS199176 - Gigalynx s.r.o.
  Rogue ASN AS201514 - Trend Digital Marketing s.r.o.
  Rogue ASN AS201633 - S1 Communications s.r.o.
  Rogue ASN AS203705 - GSP Slovakia s.r.o.
  Rogue ASN AS203706 - LLC Rushosting
  Rogue ASN AS204185 - LLC UK Partner
  Rogue ASN AS62115 - Omni Cap Distribution s.r.o.
  Rogue ASN AS62395 - Sanan Sasha Phutrakul
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