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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Chen Yu (AKA Sprincy)
Country: China
State: Jiangsu
Chen Yu (AKA Sprincy)
Changshu-based Chen Yu (陈宇) mostly sends digital image retouching and refinishing ("Photo Retouching Services", "Video Editing", etc) spam, but "Application Development" and Textile products spam have also been observed, and some mailings directly advertise spamming services.

Before July 2014 (and since at least Spring 2010) he operated without Internet assets of his own except dropboxes, relying on throwaway webmail accounts, open proxies and open relay sending sources. He hijacked several thousand servers all over the world to have his spam delivered, becoming one of the most serious problem on the Internet and inflicting massive costs to thousands of companies across the world.

After July 2014 he switched to a standard snowshoe distribution method and started to purchase low-cost VPSes from ISPs across the world.

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  Main Info
  domains, street addresses and other informations
  typical spam sample and modus operandi (before July 2014)
  typical spam samples (after July 2014)
  Davis Li Textile Co. / Changshu Wesley Garment Co. / Changshu Huauyou Textile Co.
  email addresses and throwaway domains
  fake company names
  'textile' spam sample (2011)
  Comparison: raw Base64 spam vs. rendered ASCII version
  trying to sell spam services (2009)
  trying to sell spam services (2014)
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