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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Streamdirect TV a/k/a "Adober" gang
Country: Canada
State: Quebec
Streamdirect TV a/k/a "Adober" gang
*Many have now been arrested*. Spamming for many years. All fraud scam spam. Originally sold fake versions of Adobe/Skype, anti-virus programs, and other software, and unauthorized TV feeds. Have criminally hacked the accounts of ESPs and ESP customers to pump out their spam. Have serially abused cheap VPS servers from IPs at, which does not log connections and cannot trace abusers. Although a Canadian spam operation, they have a strong Russian influence.

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Streamdirect TV a/k/a "Adober" gang ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  Adobe/Skype spam/scam gang domains
  Criminal spammer gang spamming from hacked account
  Gang member: Giang Hoang Vu a/k/a Lee Vu
  March 2012 spam sample sent via hacked ESP account
  Spammer domains @
  Spam Samples
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