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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Quick Cart Pro
Country: United States
Quick Cart Pro
American operation with Philippines, Russian and Canadian connections, this large spam operation mostly promotes fake pharmaceuticals using classic "snowshoe" methods with countless IP ranges and domains. Many fictitious identities and aliases. They own at least two ICANN registrars (!) and use them to obtain an unlimited stream of domains for spamming.

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Quick Cart Pro ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  AKA: Paul Le Roux
  ABSystems domain registrar de-accredited
  AKA: Andrew Hechavarria
  AKA: Clearwater House LLC
  AKA: Clearwater House LLC/Ailos Mordechai
  AKA: Courtney Lacey
  AKA: Darroll Nielsen -
  AKA: Manuals Direct / Generic Manuals / Thomas Oates
  AKA: Marathon Supplements LLC/Ailos Mordechai
  AKA: Marathon Supplements LLC/Ailos Mordechai
  AKA: Marathon Supplements LLC/Mark Nelson
  AKA: Marcelo Notaroberto
  AKA: (Natural Lotus LLC)/Ailos Mordechai
  AKA: Punjabi Medical LLC
  AKA: Robert Mcgowan, Robert Davis
  AKA: Steve Davis -
  AKA: TMDHosting
  AKA: Top Premium Cart/Gareth McDowell
  Complaint about "" drug ring by an affiliate
  domains 2010-08-17 (snowshoe example)
  Domains [2010-2012]
  Domains [2010]
  Domains [2012]
  domain: / SSL Cart PRO
  HOAPDI-INC.COM / HOAPDI INC - spam registrar
  MEDIA: EnCirca suspends all domains from terminated ABSYSTEMS
  More Info
  Older domains with fake & forged Whois data
  Partner in spam: Adam Bate (pharma website)
  Russian connection
  Spammer domains [2010/2011]
  Spam sample January 2009 / AB SYSTEMS INC - spam registrar
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