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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Kobeni Solutions
Country: United States of America
State: Florida
Kobeni Solutions
High volume snowshoe spam operation based in Florida. The manager or owner of the company seems to be a Yair Shalev / . (Former?) partner-in-spam of ROKSO spammer Darrin Wohl. Son-in-law of ROKSO-listed spammer Dan Abramovich. Sued for fraud by the US FTC in 2014.

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Kobeni Solutions ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  LEGAL: Stipulated Order for Permanent Injunction and Monetary Judgment
  Kobeni Solutions: Domains
  Benitek Corporation: IP & Corporate Information
  Colenx: Corporate Information
  Colenx: IPs and Domains
  Effex Media: Domains
  FTC Charges Email Spammer with Tricking Consumers With Phony Information About the Affordable Care Act
  Kobeni Solutions: Corporate Information
  Partner-In-Spam: Avi Reiter/Effex Media/Benitek/Joobla
  Partner-In-Spam: Raj Nallapati/"Raj N"/Joobla/Kanna Systems/NiceMail/Effex Media
  Partner or alias: Edward Heys /
  Raiyon LLC/Jerus LLC: Corporate Information
  Raiyon LLC/Jerus LLC: Domains Spamming for Eddy Marin
  September 2009: IP Blocks
  Signup mules (2015-2017)
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