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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Rove Digital
Country: Estonia
Rove Digital
*** Most of the gang now in prison awaiting trial ***

Botnets, malware, spam, pharming, DDoS. Inhoster, Cernel, Esthost, Atrivo. What else needs to be said?

Also known as the "DNS Changer malware" gang.

Rove Digital SBL Listings History
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Rove Digital ROKSO Records
  MEDIA: Estonia citizen extradited to NYC in cyber case
  Main Info
  FBI News Announcement - 9 November 2011
  FBI Press Release - 9 November 2011
  AKA: "Carrier Net",, AS22945
  AKA: "Net Provider, Inc",, AS46764
  Andrey Taame / Lintor Limited
  Dmitri Jegorov
  DNS server domains from their 4 netblocks (2 ARIN, 2 RIPE)
  DNS servers and served domains
  Domains served by their DNS servers
  Domains served by their DNS servers
  Domains served by their DNS servers
  MEDIA: Top 'Cyber Bandit' Snared in Operation Ghost Click
  Sergio Leone / => Rove Digital hosted network
  "Singh Ajeet" a/k/a or front-man for Rove
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