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The Register of Known Spam Operations
e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.
Country: Germany
e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.
The company owner or manager seems to be a Sebastian Foss. Lives in Germany, has used addresses in New York. He's involved in many Internet schemes and scams including e-mail and blog spamming, and MMF/MLM. He spams via proxies on dynamic IP addresses, has bulletproof hosting in China, and is involved in malware.

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  Attached HTML Files, Javascript Obfuscation, Trojan Download
  January 2009: Acknowledged Live Domains
  January 2009: Suspended, Expired and Parked Domains
  January 2009: Unacknowledged Live Domains
  Personal Information and Domains
  Spam sample 2011-11
  Spam Sample 2011-12
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