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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Aiming Invest s.r.o / "Alex Optik"
Country: United States of America
State: Florida
Aiming Invest s.r.o / "Alex Optik"
Spamwarez, lists, "bulletproof" hosting in the finest South Florida tradition merged with Eastern Europe. Working with worst cybercriminal botnet spammers. Now mostly involved in massive botnet spamming with hosting on hacked servers and Eastern European hosters. Company named tied to a Dante Jimenez. Another member uses handle of "Alex Optik".

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Aiming Invest s.r.o / "Alex Optik" ROKSO Records
  Main Info
  Spammer's domains
  Alex Optic (optik1153) / icq# 788897 - selling bulletproof servers
  Alex Optik / Aiming Invest related
  Business Type: Marketing solutions
  Dante Jimenez domains (Alex Optik related) /
  Partner or a/k/a: Alex Nuchkic
  Partner or a/k/a: Alex Rosvic
  Partner or a/k/a: Jan Ridlova
  Partner or a/k/a: Stepan Ostov
  Partner or perhaps just another BP hosting seller: Ivan Anisau
  Person ordering VPS servers for gang:
  Providing hosting to: Russian botnet drug spammers
  Someone's posted opinion of this spammer
  Spammer hoster sales site:
  Targeted Email List & bogus Opt In
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