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The Register of Known Spam Operations
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Country: Estonia
Estonian B2B spammer for hire that spams mostly people in the Baltics and surrounding countries. The main company domain is "". This spam entity is currently doing business as "Alfa Company Services OÜ", but the company name changes every few months. This operation is owned or managed by an individual who has in the past used the alias "Mihail Fortis" in domain registration records. Obtains service on VPS and cloud hosting providers using a large number of borrowed or forged identities. SBL Listings History
Current SBL Listings
Archived SBL Listings

Current Spamhaus Block List (SBL) Listings

IPs currently on the SBL ISP SBL Reference Created SBL535997 08-Nov 2021 SBL538650 14-Dec 2021 SBL537049 22-Nov 2021 SBL536010 08-Nov 2021 SBL535825 04-Nov 2021 SBL535319 28-Oct 2021 SBL534696 19-Oct 2021 SBL532432 19-Sep 2021 SBL532885 24-Sep 2021 SBL528846 30-Jul 2021 SBL493365 26-Aug 2020 SBL525054 16-Jun 2021 SBL524989 15-Jun 2021 SBL523522 30-May 2021 SBL522291 10-May 2021 SBL519115 18-Mar 2021 SBL518432 08-Mar 2021 SBL503504 30-Nov 2020 SBL498631 18-Oct 2020 SBL495129 15-Sep 2020 SBL340902 19-Apr 2017 SBL370002 06-Sep 2017 SBL345583 07-May 2017 SBL317928 17-Oct 2016 SBL376479 19-Oct 2017 SBL419812 02-Oct 2018 SBL388231 17-Jan 2018 SBL394969 17-Mar 2018 SBL371012 14-Sep 2017 SBL371005 14-Sep 2017 SBL371004 14-Sep 2017 SBL324374 12-Dec 2016 SBL324309 11-Dec 2016 SBL316530 04-Oct 2016 SBL316529 04-Oct 2016 SBL316528 04-Oct 2016 SBL310407 22-Aug 2016 SBL309040 11-Aug 2016 SBL307405 01-Aug 2016
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