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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Hosting Response / Michael Boehm
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Country: United States of America
State: CA
Snowshoe spam organization that uses large numbers of inexpensive, automated VPS hosting IP addresses and domains in whatever TLD is currently cheapest to send high volumes of spam to extremely dirty, scraped lists. Operates under many business and individual names. Owner or manager of these companies seems to be Michael Boehm and Associates.

Hosting Response / Michael Boehm SBL Listings History
Current SBL Listings
Archived SBL Listings

Current Spamhaus Block List (SBL) Listings

IPs currently on the SBL ISP SBL Reference Created SBL368509 28-Aug 2017 SBL368360 27-Aug 2017
2405:b180::/32 APNIC SBL312915 14-Sep 2016
2a07:4cc0::/29 RIPE SBL295120 21-Apr 2016
2a06:4740::/29 RIPE SBL296867 03-May 2016
2a07:4cc4::/30 RIPE SBL312576 11-Sep 2016
2a06:4741::/32 RIPE SBL296868 03-May 2016
2a06:4744::/32 RIPE SBL297276 05-May 2016
2a06:4743::/32 RIPE SBL297275 05-May 2016
2404:7680::/32 APNIC SBL288963 11-Mar 2016
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