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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Communicado Ltd.
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Country: United Kingdom
Longtime UK-based bulk email operation currently spamming travel-related offers. Has an extremely long tenure in the spam business in various areas. The company seems to be owned or managed by a Phil Sabin.

Communicado Ltd. SBL Listings History
Current SBL Listings
Archived SBL Listings

Archived Spamhaus Block List (SBL) Listings

IPs formerly on the SBL ISP SBL Reference Removed SBL254252 14-Mar 2018 SBL245884 16-Nov 2015 SBL245883 16-Nov 2015 SBL245882 16-Nov 2015 SBL236233 21-Apr 2015 SBL245886 10-Feb 2015 SBL246086 02-Feb 2015 SBL246089 02-Feb 2015 SBL246090 29-Jan 2015 SBL246088 29-Jan 2015 SBL246084 29-Jan 2015 SBL246087 29-Jan 2015 SBL246092 29-Jan 2015 SBL246091 29-Jan 2015 SBL246085 28-Jan 2015 SBL245881 28-Jan 2015 SBL245880 28-Jan 2015 SBL245879 28-Jan 2015 SBL245878 28-Jan 2015 SBL245877 27-Jan 2015 SBL236237 05-Nov 2014 SBL236229 24-Oct 2014 SBL95650 08-Mar 2014 SBL69492 13-Sep 2012 SBL99029 24-Nov 2010 SBL69584 03-Dec 2008 SBL65455 14-Nov 2008
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