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Alex Prikhodko / Twinlinks / expo-MAX / InTrust Domains

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario
Blackhat SEO spammers who send email spam to try and drum up some business.

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Is this site a scam - Expo Max - Search Engine Submission?

I just got an email from a website offering search engine submission which probably is spam. However looking at the website it does look good - which of course might be just to trick users. However I thought I'd post incase anyone has heard/used it and knows if it is genuine or not. This is the email i got:


I'd like to contact the person responsible for the development of www.****************.com.

I can list your website in our search engine ( This will give you a) extra in-bound links, and b) additional traffic. We currently send over 12,000 visitors per day to those sites that are listed at no cost to our users.

Here are some sample runs, your site will of course be listed under YOUR keywords:

The data for the search engine is provided by our free Real Analytics tracking system, so all you have to do is set up tracking on your website and our system will do the rest automatically. Our Real Analytics program will also provide you with detailed traffic statistics. Furthermore, it will report your website's rank in all search engines for all keywords, including specialty search engines, like Google Images.

Here are some screen shots and demo:

Screen shots:
Demo: (No signup needed)

This program is provided free of charge, not some limited time free trial, so you can take advantage of it for as long as you wish. Why free? We have other optional programs that involve payments, and our Real Analytics users are our future potential clients.

Here's how to get started (you don't need a credit card):

1. Create a free account at
2. Once you're in the control panel, click Analytics from the menu on the left
3. Click Add Website button under the table and follow instructions

For detailed setup instructions you can refer to our documentation:

Once your site is being tracked, it will start appearing in our search results as soon as enough information is gathered, typically 24 hours.

Please let me know how it works out or if you need my help.

Alex Prikhodko

Lead Developer
expo-MAX Inc.

10520 Yonge St., Unit 35B
Suite 138
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C7
1-877-7-EXPOMAX (877-739-7662)"

Does it look like a possible scam to you?

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