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Country: Russian Federation
*** Leo Kuvayev now in prison ***

Founded by Russian/American criminal Leo Kuvayev. Now all in Russia. Spamming "OEM CD" pirated software scams, fake pharmaceuticals, porn spam, porn payment collection, etc. Spam using virus-created botnets and seems to be involved in virus distribution. Partnered with Vladislav Khokholkov - aka "Mr. Green".

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LEGAL: Officer's Pension Fund of Russia is suspected of pedophilia

21.07.2011, 13:30

Police suspect a senior official of the Russian Pension Fund (RPF) of pedophilia and the involvement of minors in prostitution, according to the investigation, it is associated with the accused of pedophilia spammer Leonid Kuvayev, said the spokesperson of the management "to" Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Larisa Zhukova.

Earlier, a law enforcement source has told Moscow about the searches to be performed by management "K" in the building of the RPF in the southwest of the capital. The interviewee noted that "it was the RPF is working man who is suspected of abusing minors and their involvement in prostitution." Officially, this information is not confirmed then.

"It is established that the detainee was engaged in illegal activities for a decade - said Zhukov .- It is, together with Leonid Kuvayev one of the organizers of a criminal group engaged in defilement of adolescents and their involvement in prostitution."

"The suspects were working with an agent-pimp, who was looking for his children. Just an official agent of the Pension Fund supplied the video and photographic equipment for the production of pornographic material involving minors," - said the agency interlocutor. According to her, the attackers were looking for their victims through social networks, agent, entered into correspondence with underage girls, and when they started to complain about the difficult financial situation, he offered them to prostitution. After that, girls were brought to the rented apartment where they filmed for their participation and candid photos and videos, which are then offered to customers.

"In fact, girls just sold. The average price for one of 30 thousand rubles, and virgins were estimated at 200 thousand. And 41-year-old officer and he often entered into a sexual relationship with girls, although he knew that they were minors," - said Zhukov.

The police found that the officer with his agent talked on the job through social networks "ICQ" and e-mail.

"According to preliminary data, as a result of illegal activities the detainee suffered about 30 girls," - said the spokesman. According to her, currently being carried out raids on a residence suspected, prompt already found in his office phones minors.

The representative of Ministry of Interior reported that the officer received a good income from his illegal activities. "Over the years he has managed to purchase three mansions in the suburbs, two apartments and three expensive foreign cars, and all property granted to any relatives," - said Zhukov.

With respect to detainees prosecuted immediately under two articles of the Criminal Code 240 (for involvement in prostitution) and 241 (the organization of prostitution).

Now over Kuvayev in Moscow is a lawsuit. Earlier it was reported that during the investigation Kuvayev partially pleaded guilty to corruption of minors, but said that it happened only with the consent of the victim. Victims in the case found 11 minors. The investigation alleges spammer 60 episodes of criminal activity (including rape, indecent assault, sexual assault against minors).

Previously, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported that the majority of affected children suffer from various mental illnesses, including mental retardation. This is mainly raised in orphanages and boarding schools. Part of the victims - the teenagers from affluent families, whose T-shirt with, according to the investigation, "bribing" campaigns in restaurants, clubs, gave them gifts. Some children later, he has involved in prostitution, writes RIA Novosti

The fact that the case against Kuvaeva (pictured) sent to the district court Savyolovsky Moskvystalo known May 30 this year. According to investigators, Kuvayev regularly invited mentally retarded girls in the basement, specially equipped for intimate encounters. Spammer acknowledges sexual relations with girls, but does not consider these relationships a crime.

Leonid Kuvayev emigrated to the U.S. in the early 2000s. There he started a computer business, and, according to the law enforcement agencies began to routinely go beyond the law. It is assumed that T-shirt with organizing mass mailings advertising porn sites, organized DDOS-attack, created a site for identity theft. According to some, namely T-shirt with the first to send spam in a graphical way to bypass filters.

In 2006, Spamhaus, spam fighting, put Kuvaeva to second place in the list of most dangerous spammers of the world. And in 2007, the American press began to call him for the "main spammer in the world."

The authorities have fined the state of Massachusetts Kuvaeva to $ 37 million. Kuvayev still considered the sum too large and would prefer to escape to Russia with his wife and two children. Organized them spam network in the meantime continued to work and generate income.

The FBI announced Kuvaeva wanted. However, according to Russian law is not considered a criminal cpamer uniquely subject to extradition abroad. Russian authorities have installed surveillance for Kuvayev.

According to media upon his arrival home spammer settled in Moscow and went into business. He has founded several real estate firms, a number of Internet companies, as well as cafes.

The first suspect emerged from Russian law enforcement agencies regarding Kuvaeva relating to the supply of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines. Criminal proceedings were instituted, and therefore the surveillance of a spammer has become more intense. Soon, investigators noticed that after working Kuvayev regularly went for a walk to orphanages, boarding schools and other institutions. There he became acquainted with girls aged 13-18 years, brought them into the alley and disappeared Chapaevsky in the basement of the house across the Stalin of his office.

For Kuvaeva filed a second case - this time about the corruption of minors. In 2009, the spammer was arrested and placed under arrest.

The defendant struggled to escape punishment. As a result, law enforcement agencies had to consider more than 300 complaints against the inspector. In addition, with respect to Kuvaeva filed the third case - of trying to bribe the victims and investigators. According to some reports, the accused also tried to bribe doctors to be recognized as insane. Later, the investigator admitted that the prosecution was Kuvaeva for him perhaps the most difficult task in the twenty years of practice.

In two years, law enforcement has learned the following. Kuvayev seemed vospitannitsam orphanages and boarding an assumed name. In most cases, the girls were mentally retarded, although many of them had an open and friendly character. Among them was even 15-year-old gold medalist Paralympic Games. Depending on the personal characteristics of the regular T-shirt with a girl or bluntly asked her to have sex in exchange for money and gifts, or cunning, inviting to drive a car.

In the basement of a spammer Chapayevsk lane equipped with a sauna and Jacuzzi, as well as put the bed. The basement also kept erotic lingerie, handcuffs, whips and other accessories for sex games. Some girls got into the basement, came into contact with Kuvayev voluntarily. Others believed investigators were abused. Subsequently, the victims asked for a spammer to introduce him to her friends (the investigators interpreted this as the involvement of minors in criminal activities), and suggested the girls come into contact with his friends (which is regarded as the organization of prostitution). In the case of figure 11 victims, established more than 60 episodes of crime.

Officially, the outcome of the investigation was announced only in late May 2011, when the case went to court in Moscow Savyolovsky. Only after that it drew attention to most of the media. In order journalists got a video interview of the defendant.

On the record looks a little tired Kuvayev and relaxed at the same time (if not under detention, it could be mistaken for a slightly inebriated). During interrogation, the spammer said: "I vaguely remember that I had had some action in the form of oral-genital contact with someone of the victims." In this Kuvayev pleaded not guilty in the full sense of the word. Throughout the interrogation, he tried to prove that such sexual contact is nothing criminal. For example, a spammer emphasized that at the time of meeting him, many victims were no longer virgins. In general, the T-shirt with writing behaves as if there is questioning, and theoretically discusses the admissibility of pedophilia anywhere on the forum on the Internet (according to )

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