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Vincent Chan gang

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Country: Hong Kong
Vincent Chan and his Chinese partners have been sending spam for years. They mainly do pharmacy, and are able to send out huge amounts daily. They use vast numbers of compromised computers -- for sending, hosting and proxy hijacking. Now seem to be an "oursourced" server obtainer for other spam gangs.

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new Canadian Pharmacy

This data is from June 2007:
Vincent Chan used to have sites with multiple hostnames. Reaching the site
resulted in Javascript parsing the hostname used to reach it and using a
hash (associative array) to select a target host and redirecting to it
(usually(?) loading it into a frame
: document.write("[HTML][HEAD][TITLE]Welcome[/TITLE][/HEAD]
: [FRAMESET rows=100%,*]
: [FRAME src=\"" + url + "\" scrolling=yes]
Most often the target URLs were on port 8088 with images loaded from
: http://[hostname]:8088/cg/images/ftr/ftr_logo_bbb.gif
for example (this is the fake BBB Online seal of approval).

The sites used to use a fake verisign seal, which was commented out
: [!--[a href='verisign.php?PHPSESSID=[varies]'
: onclick="'verisign.php', 'win2', 'width=406,height=436,scrollbars=yes');return false;"]
: [img src="images/ftr/ftr_logo_verisign.gif" width="58" height="84" alt="" /]
: [/a]--]

The order form used session based names for two name/value pairs,
name and email (for example):
: jak4l644=[victim's name: first last]
: ukt1q980=[victim's address: email]

One of the 'unsubscribe' links was:
: http://[hostname]/rsupport/?extra=cg

This data is from June 2011:
Recently a 'new' Canadian Pharmacy botnet has come to my attention.
It uses bots. It has image on port 8088. It does not have one controlling
Javascript section loading one of multiple sites. The fake BBB Online seal
is at http://[IMAGE_HOST_BOT_IP_ADDRESS]:8088/vti_sys/images/ftr/ftr_logo_bbb.gif
(using other bots, reached on port 8088 by IP address, for the images)

with a commented out verisign seal
: [!--[a href='verisign.php'
: onclick="'verisign.php', 'win2', 'width=406,height=436,scrollbars=yes');return false;"]
: [img src="http://[IMAGE_HOST_BOT_IP_ADDRESS:8088/vti_sys/images/ftr/ftr_logo_verisign.gif" width="58" height="84" alt="" /]
: [/a]

and the order form has session based names for two name/value pairs,
name and email (for example):
: mva0o29=[victim's name: full]
: t1mzg724=[victim's address: email]

The unsubscribe link on the starting page is:
: http://[hostname]/rsupport/?extra=cg

Well ... not much has changed (they still have the invisible, commented
out verisign seal).

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