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Streamdirect TV a/k/a "Adober" gang

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Country: Canada
State: Quebec
*Many have now been arrested*. Spamming for many years. All fraud scam spam. Originally sold fake versions of Adobe/Skype, anti-virus programs, and other software, and unauthorized TV feeds. Have criminally hacked the accounts of ESPs and ESP customers to pump out their spam. Have serially abused cheap VPS servers from IPs at, which does not log connections and cannot trace abusers. Although a Canadian spam operation, they have a strong Russian influence.

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Watch HD Television Online!

The future of online television has arrived. Now you can watch 4500 ch=
annels of HD quality TV across the world =E2=80=93 online!

Our Stream Direct shows HD TV channels on your computer.
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re no hardware purchases nor monthly charges with Stream Direct.
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re in the world. You can connect your computer
directly to your TV set, too =E2=80=93 on our web we will show you how=

Get access to movies, TV shows, live sports events and much more. In a=
ddition you can download Digital Video Recorder and
save your favourite movies & TV shows directly onto your hard drive!

Watch TV now at

Stream Direct is award-winning software for streaming TV =E2=80=93 PC =
Monitor chose it the most innovative web software in 2010.

To unsubscribe from newsletters, please press here: mailto:optout@Live=;***SPAMTRAP***

You are receiving this mailing because you have subscribed your email =
***SPAMTRAP*** to receive newsletters of this context.

If you feel that your email is abused, please send a report to abuse@L= and insert ***SPAMTRAP*** in the subject line.

Live HDTV Ltd. 315 Upper St, London N1 1RL, UK.

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