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Country: India
Low-grade "e-marketing" type spammer Sam Surapaneni has been at it for years. Many names, domains, aliases, disposable phone numbers and PO Box drops for USA "offices". Typically connects from dynamic Indian IPs. Such a tangled web he weaves!

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another customer scammed...

Dear Spamhaus,

This customer of ours did not understand how to properly do email marketing. They were of the belief that they could have a third party sends messages to a list of emails the third party claimed were opt-in. The company they purchased the services from was FWIW, infinity-intellectuals is listed in ROKSO: ROK7904 .

They initially tried to explain the list was opt-in, spamhaus doesn't have the right to block our ip, the server at never sent email, etc. I wrote a lengthy reply which cleared up any confusion about how SBL blacklist works and exactly why they were listed. After my long response they informed me they have cancelled their contract with .

They do seem to genuinely understand they can't just buy lists now and after 2 days without email they have seen the consequences of what happens when you do that. I've informed them that if they are caught advertising their website through spam again, their account will be terminated with us. I will also work with them to educate them about good email marketing practices (not buying lists, confirmed opt-in, etc).




He said sent them too. He paid them for the list and paid them to send it.

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