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Country: India
Low-grade "e-marketing" type spammer Sam Surapaneni has been at it for years. Many names, domains, aliases, disposable phone numbers and PO Box drops for USA "offices". Typically connects from dynamic Indian IPs. Such a tangled web he weaves!

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MEDIA: EmailAppenders Back with New Web Site, New Name

EmailAppenders Back with New Web Site, New Name

May 5, 2009 12:37 PM, by Ken Magill

EmailAppendersthe controversial data seller that several marketers have accused of ripping them off in bad e-mail dealshas reappeared with a new Web site and a new name.

The company seemingly disappeared recently after failing to defend itself against a lawsuit brought against it by publisher Internet Retailer.

The companys former Web site at recently stopped loading, and phone numbers and e-mail addresses previously used to contact executives at the firm no longer work.

However, a reader who asked to remain anonymous forwarded a message from a woman calling herself Ashley Reese last week in which Reese identified her company as EmailAppenders with the URL

A check of the URL early on April 30 revealed a home page on which the company was identified as EmailAppenders. The site was identical to the site EmailAppenders used at

Also, Reeses message was sent from

The domain is the same one that a sales representative calling herself Vanessa Anderson used as a representative of EmailAppenders last November and more recently as a representative of B2BInfoAppenders.

According to eAppendersWeb.coms listing on WhoIsa public resource that offers the contact information people provide in the Web site registration was registered on April 29. A call on April 30 to the phone number listed in the WhoIs information reached a man who would identify himself only as Roger.

After being told he had been contacted by a reporter investigating EmailAppenders, Roger said he was only providing hosting services,

Later that day, the top of eAppendersWeb.coms home page had been altered from identifying the company name as EmailAppenders to identifying it as eAppendersWeb.

However, the sites executive team page identified Ian Cooper as its president of business development and Sean Fischer as its sales director, among others. This newsletter has communicated with both Cooper and Fischer as representatives of EmailAppenders.

Moreover, as of last week the companys elevator pitch page identified the firm as EmailAppenders in body copy, even though it identified the firm as eAppendersWeb at the top of the page. Also, an audio file on that page referred to the firm as EmailAppenders.

Also as of last week, at least one testimonial on the site referred to EmailAppenders. Lastly, the companys contact us page referred to the firm as EmailAppenders and listed as its address 2753 Broadway, No. 178 in New York, the same residential neighborhood-address EmailAppenders has been using since at least last summer.

But as of yesterday, most of the references on the site to EmailAppenders including its 2753 Broadway address and toll-free phone number had been erased.

However, the audio file on the elevator pitch page yesterday still referred to the company as EmailAppenders. Cooper and Fischer were also still listed on the executive team page.

But as of today, the audio file referring to the company as EmailAppenders has been removed. The executive-team page listing Cooper and Fischer has also been removed. And the testimonial referring to EmailAppenders has been altered to refer to eAppendersWeb.

Magilla Marketing was able to save some of the Web pages that referred to the company as EmailAppenders in their body copy before they were altered.

Readers can view them here (contact page), here (elevator pitch) and here (management team).

A call yesterday to the toll-free number that was listed on the site before it was altered to remove references to EmailAppenders reached someone who said Cooper was in a meeting. The call was not returned.

Internet Retailer sued EmailAppenders in December alleging EmailAppenders was hawking a bogus list of Internet Retailers annual conference attendees.

Internet Retailer won a summary judgment last month when EmailAppenders failed to appear in court to defend itself.

EmailAppenders has also been accused by several marketers of selling them bad data and failing to provide refunds.

There is evidence that EmailAppenders has no physical presence in the U.S. and that it is based in India.

According to anti-spam outfit Spamhauss ROKSO list, or Register of Known Spam Operations, an India-based company called Data Champions/Sloan Marketing has operated and They are among at least 51 domains it operates, or has operated, according to Spamhaus.

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