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Rove Digital

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Country: Estonia
*** Most of the gang now in prison awaiting trial ***

Botnets, malware, spam, pharming, DDoS. Inhoster, Cernel, Esthost, Atrivo. What else needs to be said?

Also known as the "DNS Changer malware" gang.

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Main Info

An Estonian nexus of cyber crime including spam, malware and botnets. DNS Changer trojans (dnschanger.troj, Zlob), also known as "pharming", is one of their specialties. Associated with many other Eastern European cyber crime gangs such as Russian Business Network, Esthost, Inhoster, Cernel, Hostfresh of Hong Kong and UkrTeleGroup ( You may recognize those names from Atrivo/Intercage and McColo networks that went dark in late 2008 due to lack of trust from any peering networks. Don't be surprised to find them changing names again, that's all part of their MO.

Rove Digital made a small attempt to DDoS Spamhaus after they lost a connection via and

Some aliases of Rove Digital:

- "Carrier Net",, AS22945
- Esthost (
- Estdomains (
- Exact Solution, Inc (
- Front Communications, Inc (
- Infradata (
- Media Code, Inc (
- "Net Provider, Inc",, AS46764
- Operation Key (
- Proper Software, Inc (
- Tamme Arendus OY (
- Promnet Ltd.
- Otegra LTD.

They also use these aliases:

James Ajeet
Singh Ajeet
Paul Aspen

These projects are Rove too:

GATHI Advertising network (
Bakler Inc

and this perhaps?

Colosecure - chicago

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    Not quite sure who this research outfit is (they're welcome to introduce themselves to Spamhaus, we'd like to know them), but they have some interesting info on Rove here and here.

    Trend Micro writes about a cybercrime company in Tartu, Estonia, in their blog. They note that it changes names very frequently and allude to its former presence at Intercage and the loss of its registrar accreditation from ICANN. The blog introduces Trend's whitepaper, A Cybercrime Hub, about the company's crime operations.

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