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Country: India
Low-grade "e-marketing" type spammer Sam Surapaneni has been at it for years. Many names, domains, aliases, disposable phone numbers and PO Box drops for USA "offices". Typically connects from dynamic Indian IPs. Such a tangled web he weaves!

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MEDIA: warrant for Sam Surapaneni

By Marshall Jean
United States of America
October 21, 2008



United States of America (Press Release) October 21, 2008 --
Sam Surapaneni still could draw a prison term at sentencing

An arrest warrant has been issued by U.S. District Court for the owner of a Southfield company who has fled to India. The court issued the warrant Oct. 8 after learning that Subhakar ``Sam'' Surapaneni, owner of Zaconta Inc. and 12 companies under its umbrella, had left the country Sept. 30. The warrant alleges that Surapaneni formed many of the companies to hide financial information from a court-ordered monitor. Not that Surapaneni has dropped completely out of sight. On Nov. 8, Surapaneni sent a fictitious court order to U.S. District Court, customers and bankers from a made-up court called the District Appeals Court Eastern Division, according to Joseph Whall, president of Auburn Hills-based Whall Group. Whall Group is a turnaround and fraud-investigation company appointed in 2000 to monitor Zaconta's finances.

Firm fined for falsified visas Troy computer company pays $450,000 after feds find 18 Indian workers in town house
By Norman Sinclair / The Detroit NewsTROY --
source: FPR

A computer company has been fined $450,000 after federal investigators found it had brought in dozens of immigrants from India under false claims and lodged some in squalid conditions. The case involves Quality Information Systems Inc. of Troy, which has offices in 21 U.S. cities, and its owner and founder, Subhakar "Sam" Surapaneni of West Bloomfield Township. The federal government's interest in Surapaneni, 28, and his firm started in November 1997, when he arrived at Metro Airport from the United Kingdom. U.S. Customs Service agents found $49,200 in cash after Surapaneni said he was carrying $7,000. International travelers must complete disclosure forms if transporting more than $10,000.

The government began investigating Quality last year when a wrongful-discharge lawsuit claimed immigration abuses by the company. The firm, founded in 1995 by the Wayne State University computer science graduate, has 350 employees and 1998 revenues of about $25 million, according to court documents. An immigration agent said 68 of the firm's workers from India had false information on their visas, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court. None of the workers were performing the jobs specified in their visas and were not receiving the salaries listed. Some were unemployed, agents said.

Federal investigators found 18 people living in a three-bedroom Southfield town house rented by the firm. Each paid the company $600 a month in rent, according to the agents. "Sleeping arrangements consisted of mattresses on the floor or a type of bed mat made up of blankets and sheets," said agent Bernadette Cundiff of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. In a plea agreement, the firm last week accepted a fine of $450,000 for the 68 fraudulent visas. It also will pay restitution to the displaced immigrants and show the government its financial records. ... read more n Goliath

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