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e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.

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Country: Germany
The company owner or manager seems to be a Sebastian Foss. Lives in Germany, has used addresses in New York. He's involved in many Internet schemes and scams including e-mail and blog spamming, and MMF/MLM. He spams via proxies on dynamic IP addresses, has bulletproof hosting in China, and is involved in malware.

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Main Info

Sebastian Foss is of German origin. He now lives in New York, USA. He is involved in many Internet schemes and scams including spamming, blog spamming and MMF/MLM pyramid scams, and possibly malware/spyware. He spams via dynamic IP addresses, most likely proxies on infected home computers.

Born on 04/29/1983.

Many other Internet users have noted Sebastian Foss' spam and scams. Here are some examples of what others have to say:

"Fraud from the desk of Sebastian Foss
Posted on 4 June, 2007

Frequently I receive emails from very angry people complaining about various SEO tools and Money Making Software delivered from the desk of Sebastian Foss (AdBlaster, Instant Booster, eZine blaster, Blog Blaster, Feed Blaster, Newsgroup Blaster, eBay Cash Machine, Doorway Page Generator, Google Cash Machine, and countless more scams), which got their sites banned or which just didnt work as promised, asking for a refund and demanding compensation. Im sick of replying to all these emails to set the records straight, so here is the guys address:

e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.
Sebastian Foss
Böhler Str.14
Lindlar, 51789, North Rhine-Westphalia
Germany [map]
Phone: +49 2266 478 230
Fax: +49 2266 478 197

I suffer from his fraudulent and spammy activities too. I find his URLs in my referrer stats, I receive his email spam from the desk of Sebastian Foss, and people get mad on me because they assume Im him just because I blog about SEO and Internet marketing."


"December 3, 2006
EMAIL Hell - Sebastian Foss Still Needs to be Stopped
by Ferdinand T Cat

Sebastian Foss has discovered a new way to cheat people. It's called the Google Cash Machine, and unlike his previous schemes, which generate new kinds of spam, this one involves taking money directly from the pockets of other businesses. The Cash Machine sets up web pages with Google AdSense, then clicks through the ads to generate income. Google advertisers are aware of this problem and are taking steps to prevent it, so the cash machine will be running out of cash very soon.

Bruce consistently wonders whether Mr. Foss is genuinely evil, or if he's merely too stupid to understand the difference between right and wrong. The evil version of Sebastian Foss has just learned that his latest money-making scheme is about to become obsolete, so he's selling the technique to milk as much cash as he can from people who don't realize they're buying a Cinderella dress a few minutes before midnight. The stupid version thinks that anything which is not explicitly illegal is acceptable, and wants to share his tricks with the world.

Based on the prevalence of testimonials like this and this, I'm voting for evil.

If you are tempted to buy one of this man's products, don't; however, if you know where he lives, there are several thousand bloggers and web site owners who want to help him understand how we all feel about what he does.

Respectfully submitted,

Ferdinand T. Cat"


"Report: #180789
Report: Sebastian Foss

Category: Sales People
Sebastian Foss, Feed Blaster, Money-License, Blog Blaster Fake software, Fake website, emails not answered, German address Lindlar, Germany Internet

E-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd., Boehler Str.14, Lindlar, Germany
Lindlar, Internet,
Submitted: 3/12/2006 9:55:55 PM
Modified: 12/24/2007 10:17:26 AM
Reported By
Beaverton, Oregon

Ripoff Report Verified Safe

Ordered 'Feed Blast,' a supposed way to promote a website via RSS Feeds. This, of course, is not possible (stupid me). Same with Sebastian Foss' 'Blog Blaster'. You get software to download which then SEEMS to be doing something, but it is actually doing NOTHING. Once you actually fully check everything, you realize that it's NOT possible to do what he's saying it's doing.

Emails are unanswered (I sent 5), and I'm not about to call a GERMAN telephone number, only to find out it's bogus. I demanded a response.

His latest scam is Money License (ha!) which has something to do with Google AdWords and ClickBank. It's all BUZZ, but no bizness... a total ripoff. The 'support' site is pathetic, with an empty knowledge base and a registration sequence that doesn't work.

He laughingly has a 'testimonial' from, get this, Jason Pristley (sic)...

Beaverton, Oregon


"12-08-2007, 05:22 AM
Registered Member
Default sebastian foss
Is he on this list cuz he is full of it. SOB even had the nerve to put spyware in some of his piece of crap software.


"12-08-2007, 10:20 PM
Default Re: sebastian foss
isn't he the guy that basically clones other peoples software, but he can't write code, so basically just makes an interactive flash movie to fool noobs into thinking the 'program' is doing something?"

"01-23-2008, 06:38 PM
Executive VIP
Default Re: sebastian foss
I googled sebastion foss and sebastian foss. Ton's of people slamming him and talking about what a rip off artist he is. I am glad of the warning here to stay far far away from him.
thanks guys"

" 04-22-2008, 01:29 AM
Default Re: sebastian foss
Whatever you do, don't buy anything by or from Sebastian Foss. This guy has a habit of hyping up a product like it's the latest, greatest thing that's just hit the market. I bought software from him once - it was supposed to get me tons of traffic with just a click of the mouse - yeah, how many times have we all heard that one!

Well, his sales page was convincing and the price wasn't outrageous, so I figured I give it a try. When I downloaded and installed - big surprise - it's an old FFA submitter. This was the first Clickbank product I ever requested a refund for.

If you see anything that this guy is in anyway associated with, stay away!"

"06-03-2008, 08:29 AM
Default Re: sebastian foss
I wish I learned about him first before I purchased his product last time. I tried to call him so many times asking for a refund, but he simply never reply. Luckily he is using a merchant account which can process the refund. I just saved $47."

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