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Suavemente/SplitInfinity/Innova Direct

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Country: United States
State: CA
Operating under many names, Suavemente/ has provided spam support services for years. It offers the appearance of a normal ISP but--over and over again--it provides extensive services to spammers. Typical spam set-ups include large "snowshoe" ranges. Hijacked IP address space and GRE tunneling to "hide" the servers.

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Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc. - Press release

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 04, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc. (, a San Diego-based provider of secure and reliable Internet, Web hosting and colocation services for companies of all sizes, has found its niche in the community of Otay Mesa with a new name and image. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneurial IT veteran Norman Jester, the company announced its new official brand this year to celebrate its recent rapid growth in San Diego County.

"Otay Mesa Data Center is a new name to celebrate our rapid expansion into new markets and liberation from other outsourcing data centers," explained Norman Jester, CEO, OMDC. "We selected Otay Mesa as our headquarters because there was a void of high capacity Internet in the South Bay area. We provide services to businesses and individuals throughout San Diego County who previously had to drive north for their colocation Internet providers or who were just paying too much for quality hosting services."

Specializing in Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and MacOSX dedicated servers and colocation, OMDC offers customized solutions, from a single, entry-level server to a complex environment of hundreds of servers configured with custom routing and firewalls. The company has the technology to power the IT needs of any business through tailored service plans. For more information about the Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc. visit

About Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc.:
With a mission to be the rockstar of the IT world, entrepreneurial IT veteran Norman Jester founded Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc. in 2004 to be the premier provider of secure and reliable Internet, Web hosting and colocation services. Located in San Diego, OMDC is the the outsourced IT center that companies of all sizes across the globe turn to when they have a project to power. This employee-centered business is dedicated to customer satisfaction and offers customized solutions to fit specific IT needs. For more information about Otay Mesa Data Center, Inc. and their services, visit

Article from: San Diego Business Journal
Article date: October 20, 2008
Author: Randolph, Ned

Revenues rise as data center becomes hospitable host: firm hosts 260,000 Web sites for 4,000 customers on both sides of border.(Otay Mesa Data Center)

For a few years, Norman Jester ran a colocation data center in name only.

Clients hired him to house their computer equipment, but he had no place of his own to put them. So he rented space from competitors.

"We were a customer of many, many data centers across the United States," said Jester, CEO of Otay Mesa Data Center, which, until recently, was called Suavemente.

Jester started the business in 2004. In 2006, he decided to build out his own self-standing data center in Otay Mesa and spent about two years and $1.4 million renovating the facility, adding environmental systems, waterless fire suppression, server racks and wiring.

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