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Suavemente/SplitInfinity/Innova Direct

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Country: United States
State: CA
Operating under many names, Suavemente/ has provided spam support services for years. It offers the appearance of a normal ISP but--over and over again--it provides extensive services to spammers. Typical spam set-ups include large "snowshoe" ranges. Hijacked IP address space and GRE tunneling to "hide" the servers.

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Main Info

Masquerading as a number of medium sized ISPs, A.K.A. A.K.A. A.K.A. and others has managed to fly (somewhat) under the radar for years. This operation is run by Norman "Chris" Jester (b. 03 July 1970) with employees Albert Taranto (A.K.A. Ariel Taranto) and Ed Rizzo (A.K.A. Guido Rizzo)

Suavemente is known to not only host spammers, advertise suspicious IP allocations for spammers, and fictitiously claim to remove spammers (only to have them pop up on other IP addresses), but also has its own internal spam outfit most recently named Innova Direct. While Jester is currently telling people that Innova Direct is no longer a business entity, we believe he has simply renamed it, and replaced its operations manager Ariel Taranto with Ed Rizzo. This is much the same way that Suavemente used to be called SplitInfinity a number of years ago.

While in operation under the name Innova Direct, Suavemente's spam arm was known for continually changing the PTR records of its IP addresses in an attempt to deflect complaints away from its upstreams. It was also known for making strange requests to the ISPs that provided it connectivity to not SWIP allocations to them, to not point PTR records to their DNS servers, and to allow for constant access to change PTR records.

Jester also fancies himself as a sort of email deliverability consultant and has been known to attempt negotiations with DNSBL operators for his clients. He has also attempted to convince ISPs that he has some sort of pull with these DNSBL operators when he does not.


2455 Otay Center Drive 118-21
San Diego, CA 92154

San Diego, CA 92154

Suavemente Inc.
8675 Avenida Costa Norte Suite A
San Diego
United States

Suavemente Internet Services
601-C East Palomar Street PMB #463
Chula Vista, CA 91911
619-397-2769 Fax: 619-397-7952

InnovaDirect LLC
601-C East Palomar St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911 USA

(note this address text is a blocking rule in SpamAssassin)

Really a Postal Annex mailbox.
601 E Palomar St
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 397-2960

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