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Aiming Invest s.r.o / "Alex Optik"

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Country: United States of America
State: Florida
Spamwarez, lists, "bulletproof" hosting in the finest South Florida tradition merged with Eastern Europe. Working with worst cybercriminal botnet spammers. Now mostly involved in massive botnet spamming with hosting on hacked servers and Eastern European hosters. Company named tied to a Dante Jimenez. Another member uses handle of "Alex Optik".

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Targeted Email List & bogus Opt In

"Targetted" is the spammer term for harvested addresses. These are not confirmed opt in addresses, which is Spamhaus' standard, but instead are bulk marketing lists bought and sold as a commodity. The address owner's permission does not survive that sort of mass-market distritbution.

Opt In is a concept where the individual gives informed and express prior consent before their e-mail address is added to a list. So, the term "permission based" rings hollow, as the basis is not grounded in the individual's permission. And individuals opt in to specific, defined e-mail lists, and statements about "receive information about their specific areas of interest" are spammer hype, not informed prior consent of each individual to have their address added to specific a specific mailing list.


Targeted Email List

We now offers targeted e-mail address list compilation services based on your keyword target criteria. This service will allow your business to specifically pinpoint its target market providing you with amazingly precise e-mail lists to promote your business or product. If you have any questions regarding any of our targeted e-mail lists, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail Address Targeting Technology Like No Other!

We have the technology to pinpoint precise e-mail data through high speed methods based on any demographic.

For example:

Medical Equipment Sales Industry - We can compile highly targeted e-mail lists of medical doctors, surgeons, and dentists interested in what you have to offer.

Golf Retail Shops  E-mail lists can be compiled of individuals who play golf on a regular basis and have an interest in golfing equipment and apparel.

Pharmaceutical Companies - Fresh lists of pharmacists can be assembled, cleaned and made available for contact.

Insurance Sales or Mortgage Refinancing Companies - Geographically Sensitive Businesses - We can put together comprehensive targeted e-mails lists based on a specific city or from an entire state.

We can compile targeted e-mail lists:

* Of online Auction buyers and sellers
* By Country or e-mail country extension
* By Occupation (e.g. Realtors, Professors)
* By Business

Or based on special interests like:

* Gambling
* Sports

Also By Any:

* Interest
* Occupation
* Industry
* Hobby
* Gender
* Marital Status

* City
* State
* Country
* Domain Name
* Or combined criteria!

How to Order

1) Select 6 keyword phrases associated with what you wish to target. (For example: If you are a travel agent looking to promote vacations, you would want to target individuals who have a travel oriented hobby or interest. Therefore your keyword selection may be: traveling, vacations, time shares, and camping.)

2) Click on the order link below and follow the instructions on the order form or phone in your order directly.

3) Once your order is received, we will begin working on compiling your e-mail lists. It takes approximately 4-5 business days to complete the compilation of your e-mail data.

4) Cleaned lists will be delivered by e-mail in the form of a zip file or download location to the email address you provide when you place your order.

Price: $299.00 (allows selection of up to 4 different keywords)
Price: $499.00 (allows selection of up to 12 different keywords)

All purchases will be e-mailed their download location, purchase receipt, and instructions within 24 hours or less!


Opt-In Email Campaign

You may already be aware that opt-in e-mail marketing is faster, costs less and is much more effective than traditional direct marketing. What you may not know is that Midnite Web has brought opt-in e-mail marketing to a higher level, making it smarter, faster, & easier!

Opt-In E-mail Campaigns

1) Opt-in e-mail is fast. Response is almost instantaneous. Within three to five days, you can evaluate the response linked to your campaign.

2) Opt-in e-mail is a highly effective advertising method to driving traffic to your website.

3) Opt-in e-mail can generate an average click through rate of 10-15% and can be as high as 50%.

4) Opt-in e-mail cost much less than traditional direct mail and produces a much greater response. With opt-in e-mail, there are:

No paper costs
No postage costs
No printing costs
No handling charges
No return postage
No return mail handling

Direct mail costs between $700 and $1000 per thousand and generates a 1 to 2% response rate. Opt-in e-mail costs $5 per thousand with response rates averaging 10-15%.

5) Opt-in e-mail is easy. From concept to final transmission, an e-mail campaign can take as little as 2-3 days.

6) Opt-in e-mail is permission based. Unlike any other media, opt-in e-mail is sent only to individuals who have asked to receive information about their specific areas of interest.

7) Opt-in e-mail can accommodate all graphic enhancements including HTML, Flash, video, audio, plain text, pop-ups, and many others. Plus with e-mail, there are fewer restrictions on space devoted to your graphics.

8) Opt-in e-mail has the users sole attention. E-mail communicates to users when they are interested. Marketing through other media, ads are placed next to other ads and editorials, and they must compete for viewer attention.

9) Opt-in e-mail allows for multiple links to your website. Unlike banner ads, which link to only one location, you can send prospects to various pages, sections and offers throughout your site.

10) Opt-in e-mail can be tracked. Advertisers and publishers can track their response rates as the results are posted to a tracking page.

Your opt-in email campaign can be directed to the following categories:

* Affiliate Programs
* Gambling
* MP3
* Books
* Finance
* Music
* Business Opportunities
* Free Stuff
* Home Owners

* Office Supplies
* Clothing Catalogs
* Gifts
* Sales Management
* College Students
* Health & Fitness
* Seniors
* Credit Cards
* Small Business

* Debt Consolidation
* Home Mortgages
* Sports
* Early Adopters
* Internet Shoppers
* Surveys
* E-Commerce
* Investments
* Tax Preparation

How to Order

Here is how it works:

1) E-mail your email ad creative you wish to have delivered to

2) Create a subject line that is concise (not more than 4 - 5 words in length). The shorter the better. A subject line should always capture the attention of your audience. The use of a catchy "benefit statement" is a great way to go and has proven to be highly effective in opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns.

3) Once your order is placed and your ad with subject line is received, your e-mail lists will be prepared. It takes approximately 2 - 3 business days before your opt-in e-mail campaign begins.

4) The instant the campaign begins; you will receive an e-mail with campaign tracking details. Your tracking details will provide you with the ability to monitor the open rate of your campaign (how many recipients actually opened your e-mail ad creative). We guarantee at least a 10% open rate or your money back.
Order Opt-In Email Campaigns

20,000 $89.99
100,000 $189.99 special
500,000 $389.99 special
1,000,000 $489.99
2,000,000 $689.99
4,000,000 $989.99 special

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