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Country: United States
State: California

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FATFUCKINGCASH spam affiliate scheme

- AFN -
100% exclusive content. Cash in on the splash! Squirting Carly. Found ONLY at FATFUCKINGCASH!

Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 12

This Package is for the seasoned vet bulk mailer as well as the brand newbie spammers. There is so much money in bulk mailing its not even funny. Ive made more in the past couple months from bulk mailing that I have with most of my porn sites. you can easily make 1k a day or more by just spending a couple mins infront of your computer to set up the software and push go. then watch the money come rollin in. and the emails shoot out like you have never seen before.

:: Dark Mailer 3.12 ::
( Fully working no bugs no crashes etc send out up to 1.5 Million Emails Per Hour )

:: 18 Custom coded DM Headers ::
( These are Custom Coded Dark Mailer Headers that Will Get you in pretty much anywhere!
What this means is all your emails get in past those harsh spam filters like spam assassin and bright mail etc.)

:: List Mate Platnium ::
( Clean and Maintain and update your Lists the way the pros do)

:: Valid Mate 2.0 ::
( Verify your Email Lists at up to 500,000 an hour on standard DSL #1 Email Verification program on the market!)

:: Pro Crawler ::
(high speed email extractor will search mail servers for emails. This is the ultimate way to find emails since they are verified as they are collected. The software will simulate the sending of an email, but without sending any email it will stop after the mailserver replies and tells you if the recipient is valid or not. It can easily collect 700,000 emails/hour on a 56k dialup connection. If you are on a DSL or Cable connection you can with ease expect to find several million emails/hour)

:: Mad Web E-Mail Extractor ::
(300,000 emails per hour on a T1 connection. 75,000 per hour on DSL / cable, Simply type in your search phrase and it go through all the engines looking for sites related to your keyphrase it will then begin to download all the emails from those sites in real time and it can bypass any spam traps or poison lists... very smart program indeed )

:: 5 Million General Internet Emails 90% Deliverability And High Converting ::

The Package Pricing for all this is $1,000 USD You will recieve everything listed above for the package price

All Software is guaranteed working 100% and I will provide technical setup and support for everything I sell.

If Interested Hit me up

ICQ # 340450685
AIM # Ravenflk
Yahoo # Ravenflk

I have references if you need them.


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