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Country: United States of America
State: ID
Spam-for-hire operation. Companies owned or managed by a Matt Ferris.

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Ferris defends Robert Soloway and the right to spam

Matt Ferris/Acetech is called out as 'Wsr129'in this thread (and never denied it)

Robert Soloway June 1, 2007
Posted by bananasfk in Deranged Minds, Whack a Spammer.

Is a spammer whom has recently made the big media (google it) others of us knew of him before this.

Bananas in the Falklands is surprised that somebody in law enforcement bothered to do something about him,but welcomes there opening shot.

However its not over until the conviction so lets hope Robert spends some nice quality time with a fellow male prisoner with a good large supply of viagra and something to poke that rod into (ideally Robert).

Enjoy it Robert - remember no pain no gain. Rachel Soloway (his mother for the record) should be glad for him.

1. Don - June 1, 2007

Spammers are people too. Like you say, they have moms , and probably kittens too. Why are you so mean? And what's with this recurring theme of yours wishing to inflict anal pain on men? Hmmm.

2. bananasfk - June 1, 2007

I suggest you read up on Robert before you go and pass judgement on me.

3. Wsr129 - June 5, 2007

Youre a real Prick. I know Robert Personally - He is a good man who ran a legit business that has been blown out of proportion. AWWWW How terrible that we have to friggin DELETE EMAIL from our inboxes. Im so sorry that you were inconvenienced by that. Think about this - he has a mother who is terribly sad right now, and a good man is going to prison. You should be ashamed of yourself - truly, Ashamed.

4. bananasfk - June 5, 2007

Matt please pass my regards on to Rachael
"Legit" ha-ha you make me laugh. You not be Matt Ferris of Acetech USA ?

5. Wsr129 - June 5, 2007

Please feel free to tell me, as you sit at your computer, no doubt scanning the internet for something "valuable" to do with your time, what is not "Legit" about creating a program that is so smart that not even the top minds at the world leading Microsoft can crack? running a company that sells an advertising package that people bought, and payed for. I know hundreds of things abour Robert that you do not. Trust me, if there was ever a Shady Character, it is not him. I assure you, you have broken far more malicious laws than this man can ever think of. Try to think before you speak - its really not that bad. OH, lets not forget - the flow of spam, as reported by many online news agencies - HAS NOT SLOWED AT ALL. So tell me then, what good is it to put a good man behind bars for up to 65 years? Maybe we should focus on the real criminals in this world, instead of a guy who has made more in donations to amazing causes than you can dream of making in a lifetime.

6. bananasfk - June 5, 2007

Matt - do tell more - i do find it amusing that nobody else can confirm his generosity, and yes i did ask those charities once. The one that did seemed to more annoyed with the association with Robert.

Please make of that what you will.

Btw I spend very little time doing this.

7. Wsr129 - June 5, 2007

Well, Considering the fact that you more than likely talk only to other "Robert Soloway Haters", of course you will find nobody who will confirm his generosity. All you will hear is hate words from people who have nothing better to do than get pissed of about having to delete junk mail. Think about this for a minute. If you spent half the time that you spend researching, and hating on Robert, and put it to use on something contructive, dont you think that you might be able to better your life? All this arrest has done is made an example to people - and heres some news for you. This case wont go as far as the hearing yesterday. Why? because none of the charges can stick. Trust me, i know a thing or two about it. SO..all any of you have done is waste time badmouthing a good guy. Heres an idea - theres a war going on against Terrorists - why dont you put your time into Boycotting THAT?! Try doing some good for once. Leave the poor guy alone. Tell me, what did he ever honestly, REALLY ever do to hurt you? Id love to hear this.

8. bananasfk - June 5, 2007

Matt I was "fairminded" when i "un-subscribed*", may i also remind you that Robert never contacted me and the spam kept coming in which i strangely also sent as well from countries i never been too - clever that.

I present the facts and sometimes made no comment about them, and yes my life is better now with Robert shut down.

Your terrorist comment reminds me that Americans once fighting for independence could be also deemed as terrorists. If i was up for an debate on financing terrorists then America certainly had a finger in the pie in giving Iran weapons

You reap what you sow. I find it amusing that you think some can do no wrong, and others only wrong. Based on that assumption all Iranians should be in prison, and no Americans never break any laws. Best lay off that fox news.

* in theory

9. Wsr129 - June 5, 2007

Yea, "In Theory" is right. I would love to see what you would be thinking if you had a family member fighting for your country. Or maybe you do, and have the wrong opinion of it. It is because of people like you that our soldiers are spat on when they return home from defending people like you and I, who have the freedom to walk freely and live in a country where we dont have to be afraid of terrorist attacks. Lets keep in mind that our soldiers are men and women who save lives, not take them. It is Americans like you who give this country such a terrible name. You should be ashmed of yourself for calling these people terrorists..cause guess what? these people in Iran, and Iraq that we are fighting - if you walked the streets over there, they would kill you without hesitation, and these soldiers that you so freely trash..well, they would sacrifice their lives to try and save yours. Maybe think about being a bit more sensitive to the lives being lost to protect your freedom. Also, maybe stop and think that having to Delete a little bit of Junk mail out of your inbox is a small thing to complain about. I have to do it too, its not that big of a deal at all.

*in Theory


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