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Country: United States
State: California

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April Super Mailers Special - 120 Million 80-90% Deliverable Emails + Full Software +

Advertising on

02-07-2004, 09:46 PM
- AFN -
$cat gfytitle > /dev/null

Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Unknown Void
Posts: 2,986

ADULT ONLY Opt-In email list 02/07/2004 Verified

Ok I have a list of 432,000+ Adult Only Opt-In and Hand Verfied 02/07/2004 Emails for sale. Price is $1000 USD for the entire list. list is only being sold 3 times. so get it while you can. I WILL BE DESTROYING LIST AFTER IT HAS BEEN SOLD 3 TIMES I do not want to oversaturate it and make it useless.

I have verified all emails myself and they are all working and existing accounts. this new verified list was composed of a bunch of join4free type websites where the user had to put thier email in and click a link in thier email to be verified. this is an ADULT ONLY list and as you can see it is indeed opt-in.

List was started on 08/01/2003 and it was completed 12/23/2003 so its only a few months old I then took that list and ran a test mailer then took all the (bounced,dead accounts,invalid accounts,remove requests) etc out of the list and kept the good emails from the list and placed them into this new list all emails contained on this list are verified no bounces and all are active accounts.

I have more lists in the works currently finishing cleaning the master list of over 4 million emails the other lists will be available in the next few weeks as cleaning is a very long and time consuming process. If you would like to be notified once they become available just let me know

If you need Adult Only Opt-in Lists. or if you need a specific type of list let me know and I will do my best to cater to your niche or specific request.

Samples provided on request. I am sure you will not find a better list than this anywhere.

You may Contact me via any of the following. I have References if needed.

ICQ#: 340450685

== end of posting ==


ICQ: 340450685

Personal Details

First Name: Money
Last Name: Cash
Nickname: digihax

Year: 1978
Month: July
Day: 31
Age: 27

About: Pimpin dis shit since 1996


Advertising on

- AFN -
PJ or not to PJ

Join Date:Apr 2004

April Super Mailers Special - 120 Million 80-90% Deliverable Emails + Full Software +

Time again for another of our blowout mega specials. we are well known for carrying some of the top lists. we are once again having our famous specials to bring in new customers. once you try our lists you will be a customer for life..

CONTACT ICQ 340450685


120 Million 80-90% Verified GI email List.
32 Custom Made Dark Mailer Headers Including all New DM macro's (to put your Default DM into Hyperdrive mode and be able to shoot emails off faster and more reliable. with these macro's you can get your mail in the inbox where it belongs. the macro's are my personal macros I use when I mail myself.)

I Will also throw in Full Versions of the Following Software

Dark Mailer 3.12 ( Ultimate Mailing Software. you can shoot off 1.5 million emails an hour quite easily with this amazing peice of software )

List Mate Pro Plat ( Organize your Email lists with the most powerful mailing list manager on the market. seed,split,clean and so much more)

Valid Mate 3.0 ( Verify your lists before running them. this software will run your email lists without actually sending any emails and verify if the address actually exists or not. it will also check your DNS lists and Domains Lists. )

Pro Crawler ( Hunt Down valuable email address's with only the domains you specify set this software to go and in the morning you will have 200k+ fresh emails. )

Mad Web ( Targeted Advertising set key words you want to target this software will scour every resource on the net to find you as many email address's pertaining that keyword as possible. imagine the possibilies)


If you are Interested in this amazing package then Contact me on ICQ 340450685

This is basicly a full package set you are getting emails,headers and a ton of software which I will personally train you to use. also introduce you to the world of bulk mailing the correct way so you too can make more money than you could ever dream doing very little to nothing to get it.
training can be via ICQ,AIM,MSN,Yahoo or via Telephone

Some of the top board monkeys are bulk mailers themselfs and almost every sponsor I have ever met allows bulk mailers without question. you only need to ask first. so here is the deal this is what you are getting..

I make a very nice living from bulk mailing im talking 1k-4k a day doing very little to any work. I will give you my personal training to teach you how to use everything I am including here so *YOU* can do so as well.

Ive been asked in the past why do I sell so low if I make as much as I say a day. here is your answer besides being a bulk mailer Im also a list broker. I carry some of the freshest lists available.

my goal is once you see how good I actually am as many others have you will be a customer for life and come to me for high quality lists including some of my premium opt-in lists. in anycase here is what you are getting.

If you are already a bulk mailer give me a try you will see my lists are of the highest quality available. if you are someone who has been thinking of getting into this business then do not pass up this deal. This Package is only being sold a few times. due to the risk of the headers and email lists being overused. I want everything fresh that way you will come back to me in the future for more lists headers soft etc.

ICQ 340450685

04-26-2004, 10:00 AM

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ADULT ONLY Opt-In email list 02/07/2004 Verified
April Super Mailers Special - 120 Million 80-90% Deliverable Emails + Full Software +

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