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Country: Russian Federation
Stealth spamware creator. One of the larger criminal spamming operations around. Runs a CGI mailer on machines in Russia and uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PC bots to flood the world with spam.

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America Online, Inc. v. Ibragimov Ruslan

Back in 2000 he had a program called: ICQ Interest Search
Advertised from - e-mail contact:

<Quote> - From 2002
ICQis Magic tool for sending ICQ messages - Internet mass messaging software


ICQIS is a powerful tool for sending messages to thousands of ONLINE or OFFLINE ICQ users. Audience can be targeted by specific interests, country, city, occupation, age, gender or language. This guarantees you the best responce to your messages. ICQIS is best application for SEARCHING FRIENDS, MAKING NEW CONTACTS, INSTANT BUSINESS, etc.


* Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP support
* Unlimited number of simultaneous copies on different PC
* Multiple ICQ Whitepages filters (each filter can be configured to search by Country, State, City, Gender, Age, Language, Occupation and Interests)
* Up to 100 threads for sending and searching users
* Message and URL sending modes
* Personalization of messages by adding user's name, nick and ICQ number
* Configurable auto response bot
* Import and export of UINs lists
* Complete anonymity. No problems with your ISP guaranteed
* Automatic download of proxy lists
* Free trial. Send up to 10 messages before you buy
* Free upgrades
* 24 hours E-Mail support


DECISION - America Online, Inc. v. Ibragimov Ruslan

Claim Number: FA0304000155455

Complainant is America Online, Inc., Dulles, VA, USA (Complainant)
represented by James R. Davis, II, of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn.

Respondent is Ibragimov Ruslan, Moscow, RUSSIA (Respondent).



Respondent, Ibragimov Ruslan, registered the <> domain name on December 23, 2000. The disputed domain name has been used in connection with commercial services, namely, to promote Respondents business that sells Internet and software services.

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America Online, Inc. v. Ibragimov Ruslan

Spammers target IM accounts - March 2002

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