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Country: United States
State: Michigan
In and out of the spamming business for over a dozen years. Moved from Florida, USA to New Zealand. Has been caught spamming there. Back in Florida, USA reports say.

2015 - found in Michigan, and spamming yet again.

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cv/resume spam - March 2006

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Seeking New Opportunities...
Date: Mon, March 13, 2006

Please find the attached cv/resume' in Microsoft Word format. I am seeking
new opportunities and searching for full time employment. I am contacting
you to see if your company has any roles open that might be suitable for
myself. Also, please feel free to forward my information to the proper
person within your company or person(s) that may have interest.

Thank you in advance,

Brendan Battles
09 428 4766 (home)
027 320 6091 (mobile) (email)
(See attached file: Brendan_Battles_CV_2006.doc)
If you are not the intended recipient or the person responsible for
delivering the message to the intended recipient you are strictly
prohibited from disclosing, distributing, copying or in any way using this
message. If you have received this communication in error, please notify
the sender and destory and delete any copies you may have received.

Content-Type: application/msword;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: inline;

[end .doc, begin rendered plaintext]

Marketing / Sales / Project Development

My Objective
To utilize my extensive marketing skills to develop, maintain and execute short or long term marketing plans. Returning targeted sales leads & responses through, website traffic, direct call centre, affiliate programs, postal mail and storefronts. I would like to use my skills and resources to merge with a team and achieve creative concepts, development, management of websites and/or routines to distribute leads, process orders, perform data analysis and reporting.

I have experience with all aspects of project development, from concept, planning, projections, hardware, networks, web site design, marketing, sales, order processing and overall project management. My past track record will show clearly that I am highly motivated, experienced and qualified as a marketing director for consumer and business related services and products.
Successful Projects:
DataCom - Through strategic search engine placement and affiliate programs, created 80,000+ unique daily visitors (250,000+ hits per day) to the DataCom network and its projects. Compiled and built one of the worlds largest privately owned marketing related databases including information such as website owners, fortune 500 companies, consumers, buyers, businesses, specialty lists globally, in excess of 500,000,000 records. Supplied data for verification and use to companies such as Info USA, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet.
Image Marketing Group - Compiled, developed and marketed the Master Disc 2000 business to business marketing CDRom project, with total sales in excess of 1.8 million and with a staff of three full time employees, used direct marketing to 8.5 million businesses worldwide, and achieved a 1/10 of a percent marketing response rate and a 42% closing ratio. This produced a gross profit of 78% over 14 months.
Online Credit Clearing - Directed the corporations marketing, development, coordinating mergers and acquisitions. My position required extensive travel to Europe and the United Kingdom for meetings and presentations with banks such as Credit Swiss, Barclays and Credit Mutual and successfully closed sales of our software.
WorldNet Companies - My project management and marketing efforts increased the Master Card and Visa online payment processing, issuing and acquiring project from $500,000 US per month to over $1,000,000+ US per day in transactions. An average of 10% gross profit within a six-month period.
Key Strengths
· Ability to create unique marketing campaigns and win clients from competitors.
· Experienced with media advertising, radio, television, print, direct mail and Internet.
· Successful history of project development and management w/international markets.
· Technical background with computer hardware, networks, and key software development.
· Capable of producing accurate planning, projections, time frames and meeting them.
Target Position & My Ideal Company
My target position is a full time role as an employee. I am looking for a position that uses Internet and traditional marketing campaigns to add growth and direct sales for an existing popular name brand product or service.

My ideal company would have a strong existing customer base with proven services and/or products. They would be seeking to increase awareness and sales through unique marketing strategies. They would want to create ways to automate existing marketing, sales, and fulfillment tasks, generate repetitive sales, and data collection for marketing analysis.
My ideal company would also have a management team that welcomes fresh and new ideas and allows for test marketing of new products and services.

Employment History

7/2005 - Present
Wired Country Direct.
Pukekohe / Grafton, New Zealand

Marketing & Sales

My duties included creating sales leads and working them through the sales process to result in sales closures, also taking call plans, leads and appointments.
Answering sales enquiries and information requests, providing technical information to customers and solutions to meet their needs or concerns.
Identifying and developing new opportunities for leads that would not normally be found from desk-based telesales or normal prospecting activities.

9/2004 - 2/2005
Doe Legal, LLC. - A document management company
Wilmington, Delaware

V.P. Marketing
My duties included but are in no way limited to, planning, development, and marketing of the companies products and services. I achieved this by creating a website, logo design, updated print materials and the preparation of traditional direct mail campaigns. I also managed and built newsletter subscribers, compiled targeted contact databases, trained sales people and strengthened the companies branding. My duties also included creating citrix client portals and branding of clients citrix front and back ends.

1/2004 - 2/2005
Tru Dimensions Printing, Inc. - A full service printing company
Longwood, Florida

Director of Sales & Marketing
My duties included planning, development, and marketing of the Tru Dimensions Printing website. Working with graphic artists and programmers we created a complete online system for forty-eight of the most common printing products offered. I also created an affiliate program as well as developing an e-mail marketing database by geographic and business type. My duties also included the network administration of the UNIX (Linux and BSDI) based web servers, the email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to this site to create new members and sales affiliates.

4/1999 - 1/2004
- Capital Concepts of Florida, Inc. - A Barter Exchange & Asset Management Services
- DataCom Marketing Corporation - Consulting and Marketing Services
- Image Marketing Group Online, Inc. - Promotional products and services.
Coral Springs, Florida

Co-founder/ Director
As one of the original founders/directors of these corporations, it was necessary for me to create the original business plans and perform market research to determine which product or service to offer. I also organized the initial capital funding as well as shareholders, employees, and established our office space. These companies were created and run simultaneously over the 1999-2004-time period.
Other duties preformed, but not limited to:

-Management of 18-64 employees based in various international locations
-Developed business services, products and software development
-Compiling, verifying and management of databases
-Interviewing, hiring, reviews and discharging staff
-Managing the corporations marketing, development and joint ventures/mergers/acquisitions
-Forming development and sales teams for various projects

6/1998 - 9/1999
Online Credit Corporation (OCC) - Credit Card Processor/Software Development
Coral Springs, Florida

Vice President
Duties included providing traditional and online businesses with secure online payment software and merchant processing facilities. We also provided software interface that allows processing of checks (ACH) and processing of credit cards, as well as real time accounting, data management, catalog systems, web hosting and various e-commerce services.
I also directed the corporations marketing, development, coordinating mergers and acquisitions. My position required extensive travel to Europe and the United Kingdom for meetings and presentations with banks such as Credit Swiss, Barclays and Credit Mutual and successfully closed sales of our software.

6/1997 - 5/1998
Lauderdale Network/WorldNet Companies (LN) - Internet Provider and Payment Processing
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

V.P. Marketing
LN had an OC48 connection (fiber optic), managing approximately 2200 servers. At LN my responsibilities included network management of the network operations center (NOC) in Florida and Costa Rica as well as general management of 56 employees. In my duties, I managed daily the employees, whose responsibilities included, issuing credit cards, processing credit cards and developing software.

8/1989 - 9/1995

Battles Consruction Inc. - Residential Remodeling
Newark, Delaware

As the president of Battles Construction, my role was to handle all internal office issues, act as site superintendent of 15-18 estimators, carpenters, painters, and laborers. Handled traditional marketing aspects to generate leads for estimators using direct marketing, billboards, newspapers, radio, television, and other methods.

Submitted bids and handled estimating for potential projects. Other management functions preformed included, structuring the accounting, payroll, office procedures, setting the company budget, review potential job applicants, interview applicants, hire new applicants, handle all employee related work issues and the discharging of employees as necessary.


9/1986 Delaware Community Improvement Corporation - Wilmington DE
Vocational - Business, Carpentry, and Drafting.

5/1986 Mt. Pleasant High School - Wilmington DE
High School - Mathematics, Business Economics and Carpentry.


9/1997 - Present Microsoft Developers Developer
9/1997 - Present Miva Development Group Miva Developer
6/1997 - 9/1999 MasterCard/Visa International Member
3/1993 - 8/1995 Delaware Barter Group Member
8/1992 - 8/1995 Delaware Better Business Bureau Member
5/1992 - 8/1995 Habitat for Humanity Member & Affiliate
8/1990 - 8/1995 National Association Of The
Remodeling Industry NARI Member

Computer Skills

ACT!, Acrobat Reader, Apache Web Server, ASP, C++ Builder, Citrix, Cisco Equipment, Computer Hardware, CuteFTP Pro, Eudora, Firewalls, HTML, JavaScript, Linux O/S, LivePerson, Microsoft Office 2000, Netscape & I.E., Perl, PhotoShop, , Microsoft Access & SQL, Miva, NT Products, PCAnywhere, SecureCRT, Submission Wizard, Super Server, TelePort Pro, Unix BSDI, WebTrends, Windows NT, Windows Advanced Server, WinFax Pro and various other skills such as network knowledge, advanced DNS, shell, system backups, data recovery.

Hobbies & Interests

- Traveling & Landscape Photography.
- Free Weights, Cycling and Hiking.
- Collect Coins and Stamps.
- Skiing, Sky Diving, Boxing and Fishing.

Salary History

I am seeking a competitive base salary with a rewarding commission and performance bonuses. I am career minded and driven to succeed and would like to work for a company who recognizes and values my commitment.


Rick Burns - Leading Edge Access Systems / Owner - 302 892-2575 (States - Business)
Libby Jett - Tru Dimensions / President and CEO - 407 339-6062 (States - Business)
Jonathan Bennett - Waiwera Electrical / Owner - 09 426 8637 (Nz - Personal)
Tom Russo - D.O.E. Legal / President - 302 798-7500 (States - Business)
Bronwyn Bower - Personal - 027 454-5643 (Nz - Personal)
Mic & Val Bennett - Personal - 09 426 8233 (Nz - Personal)

Additional Information:
Additional information regarding my marketing skills, networking skills, and professional history will be provided upon request, including samples of my work.

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