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Hong Chen / YonHen Internet Marketing Center

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Country: China
State: Beijing

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XinLin Internet Marketing Center

From a May 2004 UseNet posting.

Starting in March 2002, XinLin Internet Marketing Center is
one of the largest spam support operations in China.
Originally using e-mail addy as a contact
the name Kan Peng (K Peng) is associated with this group.


Whois: = =

- qing zhang
- +86.01066352152
- qing zhang
- Beijing city, Beijing city,Beijing,AU 100000

Record last updated at 2004-03-09 09:06:12
Record created on 2004/2/25
Record expired on 2005/2/25

Administrator, Technical and Billing Contactor:
name:(qing zhang)
tel-- +86.01066352152
qing zhang
Beijing city \r
t Beijing city
Beijing, AU

Domain servers in listed order: = =
Registration Service Provider:
tel: 0138-60991301
fax: 0138-60991301


Contact information

eFax available upon request:
+1-208-988-1824 or +1-208-988-0241

Instant Messenger Support:
AOL: Director20000
ICQ: 339616524

If you would like to have a virtual meeting , please contact
us to arrange a Netmeeting videoconference.
(For this, you need a web camera and installation of MS
Netmeeting 3.0 or higher.)
We look forward to serving you.

©2001-2004 YonHen All rights reserved.


Yahoo! ID: bizboosting
Last Updated: 03/23/2004


ICQ#: 339616524 <active>
First Name: Hong
Last Name: Chen
Nickname: Director
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Languages: English, Chinese, Esperanto
Country: China
City: BeiJin

208-988-1824 - Boise, Idaho area

Searching on Ph contact: 208-988-1824 leads to:

Whois: =
Note: = =

- qing zhang
- beijing 100000

Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact:
qing zhang
qing zhang
beijing Beijing 100000, China
tel: 86 021 21312131 fax: 86 021 21321211 <----- Please note
Registration Date: 2004-01-06
Update Date: 2004-01-06
Expiration Date: 2005-01-06
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

It has the same website contact information as


Searching on Ph: 208-988-0241 contact

Which connect these spammers to and <-- [Creation Date: 09-oct-2003]

Subject: [email][spam][bulletproof hosting]
Re: Friendly Web Hosting & Server
Date: 2004-01-04 16:22:30 PST


Digging around on the e-mail contact for leads to:

Whois: = =

- chenrong
- +86.5943901113
- chengxiachun105hao
- putian,Fujian,CN 351100

Domain Name:
Record last updated at 2003-12-29 01:42:53
Record created on 2002/6/3 <--- Note
Record expired on 2004/6/3

Administrator, Technical and Billing Contactor:
- chenrong
- +86.5943901113
- chengxiachun105hao
- putian,Fujian,CN 351100

Domain servers in listed order:
Registration Service Provider:
tel: +86.5925923909
fax: +86.5925923901

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XinLin Internet Marketing Center

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