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Country: Ukraine
So many Alex & Alexey spamming! Alex Blood tied to Pilot Holding & long ago, then Alex Polyakov posted he owned them. Massive botnet and child-porn spam ring, also pharma, mortgage, and more. May work with Kuvayev and Yambo.

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CEO of Jungle Ventures LTD. - interview


added: 13.03.2005
Visit Jungle ventures

Q: What's your position in the program?
A: I am CEO of Jungle Ventures LTD.

Q: How many people are involved in running the program and what are their names?
A: There are 14 people involved in running the program. There are traders, tech & support departments and me.

Q: Could you tell a little bit about your (and all other members of the staff) background?
A: Our traders are well-experienced guys who are 25-35 years old. They are managing investors' funds at Forex market.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Jungle Ventures LTD. is officially registered in Belize. Belize is a well-known offshore jurisdiction. We provide you with Certificate of Incorporation copy as a proof. You may look at our documents at our website.

Q: Do you have a real office?
A: No, we don't. Jungle Ventures LTD. is controlled online by myself.

Q: What support options do you offer?
A: We offer e-mail support only, but if you have an urgent question, you may call me. You may find my cellular phone number at Jungle Ventures website.

Q: When did the program launch?
A: Jungle Ventures launched on the 6th day of March, 2005.

Q: Why do you feel the need to have a referral incentive program?
A: We don't offer the referral program.

Q: Do you use free or paid web hosting?
A: We are hosted on a powerful dedicated server.

Q: What do you think sets your program apart from all the other "opportunities" out there?
A: We provide real track records of our trading account. I guess this is the main proof of Jungle Ventures LTD. business activity.

Q: What do you think about the longevity of your program?
A: Its hard to make any guarantees in a business that is so volatile and risky. We will however do our best to ensure long-therm success.

Q: What steps have been taken to secure members funds?
A: The part of the profit is put to our insurance fund but there is very low risk that you lose funds investing with Jungle Ventures,

Q: How do you generate the returns for your investors?
A: We manage investors' funds at Forex market. You may find the proof of our activity at our website.

Q: Do you trade yourself or do you employ traders?
A: We employ traders from different countries of the world.

Q: How long have you or your traders been trading?
A: The youngest trader has 4 year experience, the oldest one has 8 year experience.

Q: Would you be willing to provide us copies of trade histories?
A: Yes, the copies are available at our website.

Q: Do you piggyback off of other online programs?
A: No, we don't!

Q: Have you ever had late payments?
A: No.

Q: How large is your current capital?
A: A month ago we had the own capital of $100,000. Now we have the own capital of ~$250,000. For the moment we have only several thousands dollars as deposits.

Q: Have you established a reserve fund?
A: Yes, we have.

Q What plans do you have for the future of your program?
A: The main target is to increase Jungle Ventures stability and returns.

Q: Are you planning to close your program for new investors at any time?
A: No, we aren't.

Q: Tell me a few reasons to join your program
A: Jungle Ventures is officially incorporated company with high but real returns. We also have a proof of our business activity. I think it's enough...

Q: Anything you wish to add yourself?
A: Yes, we sign an official notarized contract with VIP members that is sent via express mail. Every VIP member has a personal support manager on the phone. I also plan to set up a meeting with VIP members who I can trust.

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