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The Register of Known Spam Operations
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Country: Russian Federation
Stealth spamware creator. One of the larger criminal spamming operations around. Runs a CGI mailer on machines in Russia and uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PC bots to flood the world with spam.

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SSEnterprise / revolutionmailer

New SS Enterprise Better than nexus...

SSEnterprise is a "cluster" mailer, which can be a real solution for big mailers who use 2 or more servers in their campaigns.

SSEnterprise consists of two parts: Mail Management Console and Enterprise Mailer. Console part of SSEnterprise is designed to be installed on a private server with a high speed connection to the mailers. Your IP is never exposed to mail recipients or proxies. Console works as a server for the Enterprise Mailers; it distributes proxylists, maillists, messages, settings and updates them. Console is used to perform the following tasks:

Create and manage campaigns (each campaign can contain a number of different messages)
Add mailers that will interact with it
Assign campaigns to the mailers, change order in which mailers process these campaigns
Change global and campaign settings on the fly
View stats for each mailer, each campaign and totals
View detailed log for each server
Enterprise Mailer is installed on the servers and actually performs mailing by using the settings, messages, proxies and maillists from the Console they are connected to. Mailer can work on servers with dynamic IPs that are changed every few minutes. It's also can be installed as a NT service and work invisibly without any user GUI.


Can run multiple campaigns simultaneously on multiple mailing servers. Each campaign can contain multiple messages and rotate them. Campaigns can utilize their own settings or use shared "global settings"
Messages and settings (excluding only "# of threads") can be changed on the fly without having to pause mailing and will take effect immediately
Mailer can be used as NT service without any user interface
Support for dynamic IP changing every few minutes
Import of regular SS/SS Standalone's messages and settings
Mailer is able to handle more that 10,000 simultaneous connections (threads)
Improved proxy selection algorithm
Centralized proxy list caching. This can be useful for those who are limited to one IP from which the proxylist can be downloaded
Support for proxy chains for ultra-safe anonymous mailing
Proxy/IP blacklisting rules
Centralized Remote mailers update. You won't need to install a new version of the mailer to each of your mailing servers, just update the console, restart it and it will upgrade all the mailers
Highly detailed log that will help you to troubleshoot delivery/speed problems


To download the demo version of SSEnterprise, please contact us. Demo version has the following limitations:

Enterprise Mailer can run only on the same computer as Mail Management Console
Only 3 campaigns can be added
Maximum 100 emails can be sent at once
Mailing can't be resumed


SSEnterprise pricing is based upon the number of Enterprise Mailers that the customer can run simultaneously using one copy of Mail Management Console.

# of Mailers Price
1 $599
2 $959
3 $1359
5 $2099
10 $3599
Unlimited $5999

The price includes 1-year free upgrades and technical support.

Use of the Mail Management Console part of SSEnterprise is restricted to the computer the key is ordered for (it ties to the particular computer using HardwareID). HardwareID may change if you change your hardware configuration or reinstall Windows. You may request a new registration key for Mail Management Console if your HardwareID is changed (one time only, previous key will be disabled in this case).

The Enterprise Mailer part of SSEnterprise isn't restricted to any particular hardware, so you can change your servers configuration, or move Enterprise Mailers across your servers without having to order any additional keys.
contact us on yahoo revolutionmailer or icq 272212455

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