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Country: Ukraine
So many Alex & Alexey spamming! Alex Blood tied to Pilot Holding & long ago, then Alex Polyakov posted he owned them. Massive botnet and child-porn spam ring, also pharma, mortgage, and more. May work with Kuvayev and Yambo.

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My name is Alex Polyakov, I'm the owner of Pilot Holding LLC,,,

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: SPEWS: S2547 Removal request
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 21:12:05 GMT
From: Alex Polyakov <>
Organization: Pilot Holding, LLC

My name is Alex Polyakov, I'm the owner of Pilot Holding, LLC (hosting (the Russian site) / (the English site) is also known as
First of all I'd like to tell that (, which are owned by E-Biz Hosting Solutions, LLC is not related to Pilot Holding, LLC.
I worked at E-Biz Hosting Solutions, LLC as a main specialist of Java Hosting department.It wasn't my hosting, my sites or my projects. All projects are owned by CEO of E-Biz Hosting Solutions, LLC - Adam Kling.
As I've said before, I was main specialist of Java branch, but there were lots of other projects, on the person who worked at on of them is Alex Mosh. Afterwards he started his owned business. You know that living standart in Ukraine is too low and people don't lose any chance to make some money. So I can't judge Alex for dealing with spammers, although I roundly denounce spam. Alex Mosh owned hosting company /, but due to his spam related deals his hosting company suffered from a sequence of failures and was nearly dead.
After negotiating with Alex on the end of July he described me the situation roughly, and hosting company was sold to me for a not so big of money.
I left my work at E-Biz Hosting Solutions and started development and recreation of hosting. All remote administrators which have been working for Alex were fired and a new team of local administrators was created. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to prove not-participation of in spam stuff. I was forced to transfer all the hosting including dedicated servers to domain, it nearly was a last straw for a hosting.
After a half of year have passed, with a help of promoters and friends I managed to elevate hosting company in search engines and forums to a certain level which allowed to start wiping all detractive things and opinions about my hosting. So I write to you.
My hosting has Zero Tolerance against spam, that is specified on page ( -> services -> helpful documentation -> policy), and I personally is enemy to spam as an intervention into human's private life. I fight against spam and both of my DataCenters ( (formerly and can confirm that all the domains and accounts that were related to spam or TOS/AUP violations were removed after the first notice.
As I have read FAQ on site and found information in concerning I'd like to say that all the domains, registered by Pilot Holding, LLC and involved in spam were removed not only from hosting servers (actually they were removed during moving servers from datacenters, before I became the owner of the company) but I also correspond with domain registrar , (we are reseller of its service) concerning complete removal these domain from the registry of root DNS servers.
I have only permitted myself to leave bba*.com domains, because of its positions in the search and rate systems and as a trade mark of a hosting, and beacuse of earlier date of registration than, you should understand.
As it's written in a certain post in the news group, "Capo" Borman (Vladislav Melnyk in real life) is actually has relation to and is working for me now. He is NOT an owner of the hosting, he is just a promoter from the sales department. He was working in the hosting before I have bought it, he was promoting the company in the russian and english parts of internet.
What concerns I understend your abhorrence but let me justify myself once more - is highly visited forum which is visited not only by frauders/carders/scummers/spammers, etc but also by honest people like analysts, workers of the antifraud departments, software developers, webmasters and other people who would like to be aware of the current ways of fraud in the internet, and protect themselves from it. Forum is opened for all who wants to use it, and is widely known. Status of the "Capo" member is explained at - "..people who are included in this part, don't take part in the active life of our forum, but they deserve respect for to their honesty and decency.. ".
We pay monthly for advertizing on that forum and have no other relations with it. Anyway if you will tell us to remove our advertizing from that forum - we will do it immediately.
What is related to and ist owner AlekseyB and Alex Blood:
Blood is a nickname of Alexander Mosh, domains were registered with the technical contacts to Alex Blood and are not related to I have already changed contact inforamtion to my own and I am takting all responsibility to my name for these domains to be clean of any abusive things. Domain was completely removed from the hosting.

If I personally tolerate spam? - absolutely NOT! As for an ordinary user of internet and for an ordinary businessman, for me spam is annoying sort of advertizing which intervents into the private life and causes inconvenience to the ordinary users of internet on the on the one hand, and is very unstable and short term business which delivers little amount of money and large amount of problems from the other hand as I can see due to my almost personal experience, on the example of Alex Mosh and already mine BBA Safe Hosting. I assume hosting business as a stable profitable business and don't want to have any relation to the spam, I would like to clear my name (which was
erroneously connected with spam) and and my hosting's name as well to the internet community. I apologise for all the misdeeds commited by BBA Safe Hosting (to be exact Pilot Holding LLC) and I'm ready to provide any necessary help for fighting against spam and become the active participant of your community. Please give me a chance to prove the innocence of BBA Safe Hosting. Please show that you're not the tyrants who block ASP/ISP whithout any investigation and destroying the business, but the real fighters against internet abuse. I'm ready to answer any questions, and to made any changes in the hosting you say.
Plese tell me what can I do to redress a guilt of Pilot Holding LLC, remove us from blocklisting and develop my business with a clear name?

Sorry for my poor english and please understand that if I could say better and more eloquent - I would certainly do that.

With best regards,
Alex Polyakov

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