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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Jeffrey Peters

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Country: United States
State: Florida
Convicted felon, hard-core spammer host, Peters specialises by hiding behind a multitude of US-based networks serving many ROKSO spammers.

This ROKSO listing was previously inactive, but recent data shows Mr Peters is still very much active in the spam business. As such, this ROKSO will remain active for an extended period of time.

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The "Meet-Me Room" within 60 Hudson Street

With a router or switch colocated here and pumping packets down to his Tampa/St.Pete Florida lair, Peters and gang happily avail themselves of the many networks who peer into the "Meet-Me Room" within 60 Hudson Street.

The gang routes or has routed many of their IP blocks (ARIN & RIPE) though here when they can find a carrier (like DTag or Interoute) who is not aware of their history to hook them up.

Using phony shell corporations and Russian entities set up by Peters' wife, they continue to find bandwdith:
Hostelecom Russia
Host Loc
Toss4loss Inc
MJK, Inc

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