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Country: Russian Federation
*** Leo Kuvayev now in prison ***

Founded by Russian/American criminal Leo Kuvayev. Now all in Russia. Spamming "OEM CD" pirated software scams, fake pharmaceuticals, porn spam, porn payment collection, etc. Spam using virus-created botnets and seems to be involved in virus distribution. Partnered with Vladislav Khokholkov - aka "Mr. Green".

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I used to work for Leo...

Re:Related info (Score:5, Informative)
by Sentry21 (8183) on Thursday May 12, @01:14PM (#12510700)
(Last Journal: Friday February 13, @11:23PM)

Some more related info, for those who are interested.

I used to work for Leo, but I got out before things went from bad to worse. Other coworkers and friends, as well as my roommate, weren't so lucky.

Aside from the flash designers that he was paying under the table and the animal pornography and child pornography that he's gotten into distributing (the story didn't mention that though, I guess it's unrelated), he was just a really shady character. He was good friends with Alan Ralsky (who, at one point, both had and used my roommate's cellphone number several times), and he was all for doing whatever he could to make money. Truly, to those who believe in the capitalist ideal, he was an icon for all.

Leo is a Russia-born American citizen; the address in Mass. is his mother's address, but Leo has relocated to Russia (the article says he might be, but I can confirm this). Aside from the big screw-ups that the article mentions, he's also done such wonderful things as trying to dock people's pay so their salaries match other employees, and he fired me because the secretary, with whom he was having an affair, told him that I'd said I was going to quit (which I didn't).

I don't feel so bad now that I 'worked' for him for a few months, fudged my hours upwards by around 50-70%, and then went on vacation after I'd made a few grand off of him. Oh well.

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