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Country: Ukraine
Huge spamhaus tied into distribution and billing for child, animal, and incest-porn, pirated software, and pharmaceuticals. Run their own merchant services (credit-card "collection" sites) set up as a fake "bank."

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Yegor G. Bugaenko -

"Yegor Bugaenko, Software Development Senior Execuitve
Yambo Financials LTD"


While the biggest office is located in Ukraine, our main headquarters' address is:

701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
98104-5119, Seattle, WA
tel. 206-322-9905
sales director: Christina Reese


Million Software Inc.
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104-5119


Administrative Contact:
Support, Customer
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104-5119

Technical Contact:
Support, Customer
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104-5119

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Record expires on 11-16-2005
Record created on 11-16-2003

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Yegor G. Bugaenko

21 Simferopolskaya st.
Suite 205 Primary Phone: 8 056 796-0286
Dneporpetrovsk, 49000 Secondary Phone:8 0562 32-6638

Career objective
My team of qualified specialists and me are looking for long-term
partnerships. We are young and full of energy, working in company with
our main office situated in Ukraine, and ready to develop web-portals,
long-term systems and anything else that you desire. We do our best to
make our projects profitable for both ourselves and our partners/clients.
We are looking for new business relationships with fast-growing and
modern companies which would be a benefit for both sides and will let us
utilize our leadership and communication skills and apply our knowledge
of the software development industry. The main business principles for us
are integrity, quality and reliability.

Technical Summary
6 years of Java Programming with Visual Age of java, Visual J++ and
JBuilder (java Beans, JDBC 1.0-2.0, JDK/JRE 1.1.x-1.2, EJB 1.1(BEA
WebLogic 5.1, IBM WebSphere 3.0), JFC/Swing, JNI, applets/servlets, JSP
2.0, JavaScript).
11 years of C/C++ programming with Visual C++ (MFC, Win32 API), Borland
C++, GNU C++ (Linux, FreeBSD).
5 years of Internet and Object-Oriented technologies (XML/XSL, HTTP,
7 years of Database Design and Development (SQ, ER-Win, Oracle 8i, MS SQL
Server 7.0, ODBC, OLTP, 2-3 PC, 2/3-tier systems).
6 years of Business Processes Reengineering (DFD, UML/OMT, IDEF, ERD,
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Lotus Notes 5).
9 years of Networking Operating Systems (Linux, Windows NT/2000, FreeBSD,

Management Summary
2 years of Middle-Level Management with small and mid-sized projects.
Worked with groups of developers, designers, architects and constructors.
Teams of 5-12 people. Controlled, motivated and organized group work to
achieve projects’ goals. High skills in project management.
4 year of Top-Level Management as a general director assistant.
Responsible for international contacts, custom relationship management
and quality control.

Work Experience
Million Software Inc. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine April 2001 – present
Senior Executive
- Managed projects
- Exercised team leading skills
- Networked to find international partners
- Perfected the process of creating software to meat clients needs and demands
- Led small- and large-size projects with a group of software developers.
- Developed different kinds of software for American clients.
- Led business to international market, working with clients in America, Europe and all over the world

ABELON InerMedia Internet company, Moscow, Russia June 2000 – March 2001
Chief technical officer
- Controlled IT department

AFISHA Industries March 2000 – June 2000
Chief technical officer for AFISHA.NET
- Ruled over staff members of IT department

MIKA , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine April 1994 – February 2000
General Director Assistant
- Devised numerous international projects and performed quality control
- Developed custom relationship management, focused on improvement
- Generated and improved software development
- Performed general management and coordination
- Launched and managed projects: over 30 industrial systems for
weighting, control and measuring.
Information technology director
- Managed projects (led 4 departments)
- Upgraded financial planning, budgeting and document workflow
- Transformed and upgraded quality and cost analysis
- Implemented intranet technologies within the enterprise.
Started and developed projects: over 30 industrial systems for measuring,
controlling and metering based on 1) weighing microprocessor units and 2)
software components; enterprise business processes automation projects
for financing, buying, selling, project management, accounting and human
esources management.
IT Department Leader
- Managed independent department of 6-10 developers/programmers.
- Participated actively in projects: over 20 client/server distributed
measuring, controlling and weighing systems; enterprise-size systems
based on distributed databases and data warehouses (MS SQL Server and
Oracle); Java-based client/server distributed applications with
JavaBeans, EJB, and JDBC.
Senior Software Engineer
- Engineered, designed and developed software.
- Worked on projects: small applications for data manipulation on C/C++
and Pascal; small utilities for Linux (gnu c++, bash, perl); database
applications with Visual C++ and Delphi; data management with MS SQL
Server and Interbase; Linux administration for LAN; software development
for Win 3.1/95/NT.

Computer Skills
Project management and team leading (requirements analysis, design,
programming, testing and maintenance) of clients/server distributed
systems, web-oriented applications and information systems. Strong
experience in team leading, software development life Cycle definition
and implementation. Business-to-business, application service providing
(ASP) and e-Commerce solutions. Strong programming/developing experience
in Java (over 6 years), C/C++ (over 11 years), PHP/Perl, SQL, XML/XSL,
object-oriented, internet and database technologies. Strong fundamental
knowledge in mathematics, database and algorithms theory and object-
oriented paradigm. 8 years of laTech publishing systems (MikTeX and
emTeX ); quick ten fingers typing in Russian, Ukrainian and English;
above 9 years as a user of Word, Excel, MS Windows 9x/NT, Unix tools
(bash, perl, awk, flex), Adobe PageMaker, MS Project, MS PowerPoint.

Language Skills:
Native Russian and Ukrainian, fluent English.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) USA
April 1996 - Present
Membership #4658126

Dnepropetrovsk State University
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
PhD - June 2001
Radio-Physics Department
PhD topic: “Interactive Database Approach to the User Interface modeling”.
MA in Radio-Physics
MA – July 1998

References available upon request

Member number:8608
Additional Contact information is available on the Information Page.
Software Contractors' Guild (
Copyright(c) 1995 - 2001 Yegor Bugaenko and Software Contractors' Guild, Post Office Box 257,Nottingham, NH USA 03290-0257

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  Software Contractors' Guild

Profile Page

Yegor Bugaenko, Software Development Senior Execuitve
Yambo Financials LTD

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Availability Date: Jul 01 2004   (NO AGENTS PLEASE)
Telephone Numbers: 805627960286

Current Address:
    21 Simferopolskaya st.
    Suite 205
    Dnepropetrovsk     Ukraine 49000

E-Mail Address:
Personal Web Page:

Additional Contract Information:

Geographical Areas where I will accept work:
Willing to work over the internet
Willing to Relocate
Work Offsite ONLY
Citizenship: Ukrainian

Years of experience: 11
List of Skill sets:
Applications:Applications Service Provider
Applications:Banking:Automated Teller Machines
Applications:Banking:NACHA - ACH
Applications:Banking:Other Banking
Applications:Business Applications
Applications:Business Applications:MS Office
Applications:Client Server:SQL-Windows
Applications:Client Server:SQL-Windows:Offshore Consulting
Applications:Component Manager
Applications:Component Object Model (COM)
Applications:Electronic Documents
Applications:Internet:Electronic Commerce
Applications:Internet:Web Graphics
Applications:Internet:Web Site Design
Applications:Network & Data Comm
Applications:Network & Data Comm:Internet Application Protocol Development
Applications:Network & Data Comm:Internet Protocol Development
Applications:Software Development Tools
Data:Database Design
Data:Enterprise Database
Languages:C++ Builder
Languages:Oracle Forms
Languages:Oracle PRO C
Languages:Unix shell
Operating System:UNIX

Acceptable Contract arrangements:
I do use contract agents/recruiters.
I am an Independent Corporation.
I am a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
I use an Umbrella company as employer of record.
I am an Independent Sole Proprietor (1099).
I can be an Employee of an Agent (W2).
I can be convertible to Employee of Client.
I am also looking for part-time work.
I will also bid fixed price work.

Software Contractors' Guild (

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 Member number:8608
Last Updated: Jun 30 2004   Joined: Apr 07 2004
Membership expires:Apr 07 2005 (Member in Good Standing)
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