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Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
Spammer and hijacked proxy seller from Amherst Massachusetts, who pretends to be Chinese and hosts 'bullet-proof' servers on hijacked Chinese PCs.

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Main Info

"Homegrown" Chinese spamhaus, possibly taken over by Western spammers, but certainly boosted by them. Specializes in bulletproof hosting and DNS in China. Rotates DNS domains routinely as hosts are discovered and published in ROKSO. Many, many SBL listings (and nukes).

Chinese agent:
Hua Tan (tel: 13335606905)

Chinese agent:
Cai Fu, Liu (tel: +86.05163233657)
267 Huaihe River Sea Route
Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

Agent for Service of Process
MARIO J IRZZARY <-- not the owner
2135 E VALLEY PKWY #42

Typo on the last name, should be:
Mario Irizarry, (760) 739-0829, , Escondido, CA 92025


MailTrain is moving to hosting outside of China, as well as associating with other ROKSO spammers.

"Cluster I"
#--------------------------------------------------- sbl : ok MailTrain sbl : ok MailTrain sbl : ok MailTrain SBL9068 Bonnie Dukarossa - Bullet9 Communications


More clustering.

Recently spam from MailTrain has shown significant cross-over with other spammers. Both Glen Hannifin, and the "Five-Elements" spamhaus have been using them to host spamvertized sites. is associated with Hannifin in addition to Mailtrain, and with Five-Elements and MailTrain. Also, link to [] (Peter Francis-MacCrae).


Chinese agent: zhangjiang or "Zhang Jiang"
phone: 86-0518-4532862


Bulk Email Sending Server
Bullet Proof Dedicated Hosting Server
BP Shared Hosting
BP Domain Hosting
Email Lists for sale

Yahoo messenger:
MSN messenger:
AOL instant messenger: bphstserver2007
ICQ: 198176206
Skype: host_server2007
Email Customer Support:

Related URLs

Partner In Spam: (ROKSO dormant; probably the same outfit)

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